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Gangs Of London Season 2: Release Date, Premise, Season 1 Cliffhanger and Plot

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The Sky Atlantic achieved a sky-high level of TRP with its TV series Gangs of London. Its creator, creator Gareth Evans turned it into a spiraling intertwined story, leaving us all in a situation, a cliffhanger we weren’t expecting. Now, since the season one finale, the creators have decided on their sophomore considerations.

Starting point:

The show is based on underworld politics and the thirst for power that is rampant there. It all starts with the aftermath of Mafia Fin Wallace’s death, a murder to be fair. The victim’s family mourns along with their next step. The other gangs are waiting for a suitable opportunity to attack that family and get things in their favor. The police, aware of their background, keep a close eye on their actions.

Season 1 Cliffhanger:

Season one ended in a patronizing tone as Sean plotted an entire crusade to avenge the investors who ordered Finn to be killed. Elliot finally tried to save his career after being accused of Marian and becoming involved in family mafia.

Plot expectations from season 2:

There is still much to be answered, including what fate does the Finn family have in store, and will Sean manage to get revenge, and a whole lot more?

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Perhaps more secrets of the Wallace family will come to light.


AMC bought US distribution rights in June 2029, the renewal of the second season has received a green signal from the makers anyway. However, the release has not yet been confirmed as to the exact date. However, it can be expected around 2022.

Reception :

The series received a positive preference and received a score of 88%; it is considered one of the most satisfied shows of the summer of 2020, with a combined audience of 2.23 million.

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