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G Zombie OTT release date, digital streaming rights, story review

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In this post, today we will review the latest updates on G Zombie OTT release date, digital streaming rights, cast, crew, plot, story review and more are here.

G Zombie OTT release date, digital streaming rights, story review
G-Zombie is the latest Telugu movie starring R-Govra, Divya Pandey and others. Aryan & Deepu wrote and directed the film while Surya was in charge of the bank at Sai Surya Productions. Besides Zombie Reddy, it is also one of the first Telugu zombie movies to be released on the same date.

Genre: Zombie / Horror

Digital rights: Amazon Prime Video

OTT release date: February 25, 2021

G Zombie OTT release date, digital streaming rights

We all know that only a few zombie movies were made in India, while G Zombie and Zombie Reddy will be Tollywood’s first zombie movies. Zombie Reddy is a big budget movie directed by Prashant Verma and produced by G Zombie on a shoestring budget. However, the film fared well with positive talk at the box office. We will discover G-Zombie this week. Watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and get zombified.

G Zombie OTT release date

The film, which was released on Theaters Worldwide on February 5, 2021, with positive talks, has now confirmed that producers will soon have a worldwide digital premiere on Amazon Prime Video. Expect the G Zombie Movie OTT to release on Amazon Prime Video this week.

G Zombie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video for US users. Prime Video Indian users can expect the film this weekend.

G Zombie Cast & Crew

Movie Name – G Zombie (2021)

Genre – Zombie Horror

Language – Telugu

Release date – February 5, 2021

Director – Aryan & Deepu

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Producer – Surya

Lead Actors – Aryan Gowra, Divya Pandey

Editor – Pavan Kumar V

Photography – SR Sekhar

Music – Vinod Kumar (Vinnu)

VFX Supervisor – Pavan VFX Kommoju

Colourist – U Kalyan Chakravarthy

Movie rating – 4/5


To reduce the spread of infectious diseases, a medical student named Sarah (Divya Pandey) and her fellow students decide to develop an immunization booster vaccine with the approval of their dean. Throughout the process, they enlist the help of a doctor named Rudra (Aryan Gowra) and begin trials against a convicted criminal. As part of their research, the team injects the vaccine, but until their accident, the vaccine fails and the person becomes a zombie. It starts to attack other medical personnel, how does Aryan Kaura behave in this terrible situation and how does he save his team members? That alone makes up the rest of the story.

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