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Full Details About – The Glades Season 5

Full Details About – The Glades Season 5 |  Trending News Buzz
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I think you all (okay, not most of you) are wondering what actually the Glades Season 5 is? So let’s read the article to know the exact answer.

Full Details About – The Glades Season 5 |  Trending News Buzz

The Glades Season 5 is a television series about crime drama. ‘The Glades‘is nothing but a bad behavioral performance by the police that is being made by Clifton Campbell. It initially debuted on the network called A&E on July 11, 2010.

The Glade Season 5 follows a police criminologist based in Chicago. The moves depend on the Everglades people in Florida and open an office in Sunshine state. The Glades Season 5 is one of the most fascinating, interesting and most watched special shows to air on A&E.

After reading the review of The Glades Season 5 I’m sure you really want to know more about it. …

A question arises in my mind and I think in you too. What actually happens in The Glades Season 5? Let’s find the answer to our question after reading the plot of The Glades Season 5

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What happens in Season 5 of The Glades? | Plot of The Glades Season 5

In this crime television series (The Glades Season 5), the police disciplinary show starred in Matt Passmore as Jim Longworth. He’s a Chicago police detective who becomes a state police officer in a Florida Everglades community.

Later he leaves the police (Chicago) when he was shot in the buttocks by his own captain. His captain thought Jim was sleeping with his wife (the captain’s wife). He then gets a huge settlement from the city of Chicago.


Finally, he settles down in Florida for golf and is confident that his life will be easier now compared to the past. In fact, he’s going to South Florida to hold a senior position in the Law Enforcement Department of Florida (FDLE).

In addition, he believes that the money he would get from FDLE will give him a better and more luxurious lifestyle. He also wishes that with this lifestyle he can easily complete all his trips to the golf courses and sunbathe at the beach as he will become one of the richest people in the world.

But he was not given any information about the hidden complexity of his new hometown. In other words, after some time Jim Longworth finds that life in his new hometown (Florida) is more difficult than it might seem. Jim Longworth was surprised by the high murder rate in Southwest Florida, which makes his job more stressful than in Chicago. Finally he ends all his involvement from Chicago.

Now I want to tell you a little bit about the cast / characters of The Glades Season 5

Cast / Characters of The Glades Season 5

As we all know, characters play a vital role in the popularity of television series. Characters can make the series more interesting.

Characters-of-The-Glades-Sesaon-5- (1) .jpg

So let’s read about it briefly …….

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These are the main characters of this fantastic movie that make this movie more popular in the world.

All of you (okay, not most of you) might be excited to know when will it show up on our screen?

When will season 5 of The Glades hit our screen? Release date of The Glades season 5

After watching The Glades’ fourth season in 2013, fans actually want to know if The Glades will air for a fifth season.

The Glades completed 13 scenes, completing each scene in 60 minutes. It was done in the August 26, 2013 finale. In addition, A&E gave a shocking and alarming news that the future of The Glades has been completely hacked for the next season, the fifth season of The Glades.

So, The Glades Season 5 does not happen. Finally, the fifth season of The Glades is canceled.

I’m sure you really want to know the reason behind the cancellation of this fantastic crime television series.

Reason behind the cancellation of The Glades season 5

Unexpectedly, after the Season 4 finale, A&E pulled the plug on the Glades. The network did not provide a specific reason for the cancellation of The Glades Season 5. Although it was judged by the people of the world. The rating was lower than in Season 3, in addition to the good rating for Season 5, it was canceled.

Not only this news shocked viewers, but also a surprise to cast. According to the show’s creator, Clifton Campbell, this is very frustrating news for all aficionados the Glades Season 5.

To meet your expectations, I’ll show you a trailer of The Glades, which might give you an idea of The Glades Season 5

The Glades season 5 trailer

You can easily watch this video to get some information about Season 5 of The Glades

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who had a shot at Jim Longworth?

His captain from the police station shot him.

2. What was the reason behind the shot?

The police captain thought Jim was attempting to sexually assault his wife while he slept with her.

3. How did Jim feel after moving to Florida?

He found that the Florida lifestyle is more complex compared to Chicago.

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Final words

The Glades Season 5 is one of the most interesting crime television series based on the wrong behavior of the police. While the captain of the police station shot Jim dead just because of the misunderstanding that he was sleeping with his wife. Jim then moved to South West Florida to get a position with the Florida Department’s Law of Enforcement. Finally he found out that the Florida lifestyle is more complex compared to Chicago.

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