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For the great price of free, you can download these games to play –

For the great price of free, you can download these games to play –
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Let’s be honest. You probably spent most of your time locked indoors in 2020. You’ve rewatched all your favorite movies, attended way too many shows, and probably even tried new cooking recipes here and there.

Overall, you are probably bored and looking for something new to do. Don’t worry because we are here to immerse you in the world of video games by introducing some titles that you can download for free.

For the great price of free, you can download these games to play –

Among us

If you’ve never heard of it Among us but in 2021 you have to live under a rock. This game is free to download on a mobile device, but only costs five dollars if you use a PC. Among us was put in the spotlight in the gaming world in mid-2020, when most of the world was bored in quarantine and looking for a fun game to play with friends.

The rules of Among us are quite simple. If you are a crew member, perform all your duties as soon as possible and try to find out who the impostor is, but if you are a scammer, your goal is to discreetly kill everyone on board without getting caught. It is a hilarious and exciting game that is sure to cause a lot of fun chaos in your group of friends.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is another game that has been a big buzz over the past year. It’s also another free to download game, and you can even play with up to three other friends. Genshin Impact is an imaginative role-playing game where you can fight others and unlock even more characters. Set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, the game follows the story of a lost twin brother or sister named “Traveler”.

Genshin Impact is a game that is free to download on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Android and IOS, and plans to release it on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 5 are also underway. fantastic element, then this free game is definitely for you.

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game that can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and will be released on Nintendo Switch, IOS and Android in the coming years. If you’re looking for something more violent and active then look no further. Apex Legends is a shooter battle royale game that gamers everywhere love and is also available for cross-platform play.

In Apex Legends, teams of either twenty people in teams of three or thirty people in teams of two, land on an island and search for weapons and supplies to use and fight all other players in battle. The winner is determined by who is the last team remaining. The game is free to play and you only have to pay IRL if you want to customize your outfits or weapons.

Surfers in the subway

Surfers in the subway is certainly not as immersive of a game as the others mentioned above, but we thought we’d add it to the list if you’re looking for a casual game to play that won’t take up too much of your time . Surfers in the subway is free to download on mobile devices and has been a classic in the gaming community for years.

Players take on the role of a graffiti artist who has just been caught in destruction, and the goal is to just keep running away from the guard who is after you. Along the way, run through the train tracks, jump trains and collect various items such as coins or even jet packs. Surfers in the subway will speed up with time, and the goal is to just keep going until you get caught.

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