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Flute Review: For Vijay fans Fans Only

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Movie: whistle
Rating: 2.5/5

Banner: AGS and East Coast
Cast: Vijay (dual role), Nayanthara, Vivek, Jackie Shroff, Yogibabu, Devadarshini and others
Music: AR Rahman
Cinematography: gk vishnu
Edit: Reuben
Producers: Kalpathi S. Aghoram, S. Ganesh, S. Suresh
Written and directed by: athlete
Publication date: October 25, 2019

After ‘Police’ and ‘Adirindi’, the combination of Tamil superstar Vijay and director Atlee is back with their third performance ‘Whistle’.

Have they created the magic again? Let’s find out.


Michael aka Bigil (Vijay) is the son of a local leader Rajappa (Vijay). Rajappa’s only wish is for his son to win a ‘cup’ in the football match and be selected for the national team.

Despite being the top scorer of goals in the state level matches, Bigil’s name does not appear in the national team due to the politics played by a sports businessman.

When Rajappa finds out, he teaches the businessman a lesson in his own style and this incident changes their whole lives.

Performances by artists:

Vijay has taken on two different roles with such ease. He is at home in the role of Michael or Bigil. He excelled as a coach of the women’s soccer team. But he is not as convincing as Rajappa, the aging don.

Nayanthara as the female lead is just okay. All the girls of the soccer team convince as soccer players and have a good performance.

Jackie Shroff as the villain is rather routine. Yogi Babu and Vivek’s comedy is disappointing.

Technical excellence:

The film has a rich production value. Every scene is immersed in richness. High production values ​​and great cinematography are the main highlights. Rahman’s music isn’t that exciting. The film has an uneven pace and is long-winded.

Final match sequences
Commercial elements

Boring first half
Predictable storyline
tamil taste
overt heroism

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“Whistle” (“Bigil” in Tamil) starts out as an ordinary masala movie with the introduction of a hero, an intro song, and scenes that enhance the hero’s appeal.

Routine scenes last over an hour, but the film introduces Michael/Bigil and Rajappa to keep us hooked on the story.

It is later determined that Rajappa (Vijay), the local rowdy leader, wants his son Michael, also known as Bigil, to stay away from rowdy activities and win the state football cup.

From Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Gaayam’ (taken from the theme The Godfather) to numerous other films, they have explored this angle: a gang leader who seeks his son to live a normal life away from the violent world they live in. .

Director Atlee has mixed a smart sports theme into this largely predictable template. Soccer games and the song Michael is a soccer coach of the women’s soccer team have made a huge difference in this mainstream commercial story.

While the first half is filled with Tamil flavor sequences that are quite boring, the second half is captivating and has a lot of payoffs.

From the moment Michael takes his women’s soccer team to Delhi, the conspiracy gets bigger and bigger.

The episode of how he brings into the team two former players (one is now a housewife and the other is the victim of an acid attack), who abstain from sports, is emotionally told.

These backstories of these two women are also mixed well in the finale. While we’re so bored with the first half, the ending makes a good watch.

Atlee has filmed the football matches to a high standard – the graphics, camera work and visualization here are superb.

But the movie is too long. With quite predictable scenes, narrating the movie for three hours is exhausting.

The other negatives are boring Rahman songs (except for the emotional Sivangi song), overt Tamil flavor and weak romantic thread. Jackie Shroff as the villain is also weak.

Overall, the film is a watch for its final moments and grandiose images. This may appeal to fans of Vijay, but for the general public, this is another routine sports drama with mass elements. Anyone who has seen films like ‘Chak De India’ will get a deja vu.

Bottom line: Routine rate

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