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Movie name: Flight
Artist: Mohit Chadha, Pawan Malhotra, Zakir Hussain, Vivek Vaswani, Shibani Bedi etc.
Director: Suraj Joshi
Rating: * 4/5

Flight Movie Review

Filmmaking is fun. But until your fun starts to get funny. Making a movie to become a hero and making a movie for the entertainment of the audience are both different things. The movie ‘Flight’ is a movie based on a great idea. While making the movie, the producers missed a great team like their idea. Movies are rarely made by putting the aviation industry at the center, as there is a lot of preparation to be done before the shooting. Mohit Chadha has jumped into the air of the entertainment world to become a hero by creating a body. But doing such a thing without preparation is no laughing matter.

The movie ‘Flight’ is the story of a Dhankuber Ranveer Malhotra. His company’s reputation and life are at stake. The reason? In civil aviation a scandal that blossoms from within, in which a person’s life is worthless. Everything here is money. People don’t like money. As you watch the movie, you will remember many aircraft accidents in which months of the ship were never traced or whose accidents were never uncovered. The reason for this is to try to get to the bottom of the movie ‘Flight’.

The original idea of ​​the film’s ‘Flight’ story, created to turn debutante actor Mohit Chadha into a hero, is just as brilliant as the film’s screenplay and the dialogues are equally second-rate. Director Sooraj Joshi is the director of the mission who has to accept all the agreements of the producers to become a film director in any way. The film also does not have its own graphics or arc. To show a high-budget movie, Sooraj spent money on the movie’s costume and art direction, just like water, but it failed to make an impact. The film’s background music is another weak link.

The movie also failed in the main purpose of making the movie ‘Flight’. Mohit Chadha’s deal is good, but his time to become a hero is probably over. He has learned his color shape, gait and even the style of speaking in a new way by watching all the Hindi movies. He copies Shah Rukh Khan in good humor, speaking, sometimes Amitabh Bachchan and sometimes he makes cheap copy of Rajinikanth. In the action scenes, he is also seen trying to become Ajay Devgan. However, none of the scenes in the movie depict Ranveer Malhotra, the main protagonist of the movie.

The film needed strong actors to support and the director also compensated for this through Zakir Hussain and Pawan Malhotra. Pawan Malhotra is a good actor. But nowadays he has started acting more for the camera. People really liked it in its natural form. With the support of the right director, Shibani Bedi can add color to unexpanded roles. However, he sees no significant benefit from this movie. The movie’s cinematography and editing is average, but a bad movie doesn’t seem to help.

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