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Five new ways to organize your wardrobe

Five new ways to organize your wardrobe
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Five new ways to organize your wardrobe

Difficulty putting together an outfit or finding a specific item of clothing? Try these tips to make your closet work better for you.

If you haven’t gotten around to doing that big cleanup or starting a Sunday afternoon outfit planning routine, here are five easy ways to organize your wardrobe and take more control over your clothes.

1) Color Coding

Color coding your clothes makes them much easier to find on a busy morning and makes your wardrobe much more beautiful to look at too!

2) Labeled boxes

Keeping things together and tidy by placing items in labeled boxes in relevant and specific categories is a perfect way to better organize your wardrobe.

3) Good pendant

Prevent the bra straps from tangling and hang your underwear from the back of your closet door on a series of interconnected hangers, this will no doubt save you a few precious minutes from the hectic morning routine.

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4) Daily Organizer

This idea is not just for kids, but for busy people everywhere. You’ll save so much time every morning if you’ve already figured out what you’re going to wear for each day of the week.

5) Polaroid cameras

A simple yet life-changing method, just take a picture of each pair of shoes and tape them to their box, this will make finding the pair you want much less stressful.

I’d love to know what you think, leave your comments below if this helped you organize your wardrobe or at least take those first steps? Did it help you get more excited about the contents of your closet or save you time getting ready in the morning?

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