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FireKeepers Casino adapts new safety measures before reopening




FireKeepers Casino adapts new safety measures before reopening

BATTLE CREEK, MI — What does social distancing look like at a casino? Patrons at Firekeepers Casino Hotel will find out soon.

As tribal casinos across Michigan set to reopen, new safeguards have been put in place at FireKeepers Casino Hotel near Battle Creek before its Monday, June 1 reopening, in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“We’re really excited to be reopening Monday and have people come back, have some entertainment, have some great food,” FireKeepers Casino Hotel CEO Kathleen George told Thursday. “The Nottawaseppi Huron Band of the Potawatomi, our owners, have always been great partners with our community and they look forward to continuing that, as well as us being the leader in helping reestablish the economy as a whole.”

FireKeepers is among seven tribal casinos that plan to reopen in the coming days, including Gun Lake Casino in Wayland and Soaring Eagle in Mount Pleasant.

Four Winds Casinos in New Buffalo, Hartford, Dowagiac and South Bend, Ind., remain closed but say on their website they are “working on plans for reopening.”

While tribal casinos across the state closed voluntarily due to health and safety concerns amid the pandemic, because tribal governments have sovereign control over their territories, they can reopen despite Gov. Whitmer’s stay-at-home order.

When the seven tribal casinos announced their reopening, they highlighted some changes they said patrons should expect:

  • Poker tables, Bingo, Mijem Buffet and Chi Mon-ee’s will remain closed.
  • Self-service beverage stations will be closed
  • Parking garages will be closed.
  • Valet parking will not be available. The valet area can still be utilized for drop off/pick up.
  • Hotel pool and fitness areas will be closed.
  • Bus group visits will not be available.
  • Sanitizer stations are available throughout the property.
  • Designated smoking area will now be outside of the casino.
  • TITO (slot) vouchers from pre-closure will be honored for 60 days from opening.
  • Additional “cleaning ambassadors” have been deployed to continually clean high touch areas throughout the property, including gaming areas, hotel corridors, and more, 24/7.

On Thursday, FireKeepers leaders said guests should not only be prepared for the safety measures, but also the way social distancing might affect gambling. Slots will be open spaced apart, so will blackjack tables, which now only allow for up to two players.

“We’ve taken all the recommendations from the CDC, as well as other casinos that have already opened across the country, we’ve used what’s worked really well and worked with things that didn’t work and tweaked them,” George said.

Half of the tables and chairs in the restaurants as well as on the gaming floor will be removed at FireKeepers, George said.

FireKeepers will also deploy a meter on its website that will monitor the casino’s capacity for the public to track before they decide to go.

“It’s kind of on a flow, we have a number in mind, but we’re really going to monitor more person to person,” George said. “We know what number we’re not going to go past but if it needs to be lower, we’ll make it lower.”

FireKeepers will work with tribal police and Emmett Township police to help control traffic and to combat any possible lines that may form, George said.

“We want everyone to feel comfortable and safe, if someones not comfortable to come back Monday, in a few weeks or a few months when they are, we’ll still be here ready to serve them,” George said.

George also noted guests should not be expected to be provided masks upon entering the casino.

“We will have a few (masks) on hand we can provide, but we’re recommending everyone bring their masks, since we have to wear them out in public, everyone should have them,” George said.

The more than 1,800 FireKeepers employees will also see some modifications coming to their workplace. Some have been reassigned in order to properly sanitize the machines.

George said FireKeepers employees will also be subject to temperature checks and be required to wear face coverings just as guests are.

“I can tell you overwhelmingly our employees are very happy to be back,” George said.

FireKeepers Casino Hotel will be open to the public at 11 a.m. Monday, June 1.

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The Top 8 Slasher Video Games to Sample in 2020





Like most slasher movies, video games in the slasher genre are not designed for the faint-of-heart. In most cases slasher video games are a polarizing genre – gamers either love or hate them. Those that love them are generally enthralled by the adrenaline-fuelled nature of these jumpy games and cut scenes, while those that hate them just find them plain horrifying.

If you find yourself in the former category, read on as we delve into the best slasher video game titles available on consoles and online.

Last Year: The Nightmare

Elastic Games’ hugely successful survival horror, Last Year: The Nightmare, has captured the imagination of desktop gamers worldwide. It was initially released in September 2018 and then relaunched under a new guise called Last Year: Afterdark. The plotline is an incredibly engaging one, with five school friends playing for survival against a so-called “Fiend”. The friends must complete a string of challenges to escape the Fiend, although the Fiend’s “Predator Mode” makes him ridiculously hard to shake off.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Initially launched for desktop, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gamers in January 2017, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released a year later for the Nintendo Switch due to popular demand in the Far East. Achieving a 9/10 rating from Steam as well as a rock-solid 86% review from Metacritic, this slasher game from Capcom is a hugely immersive title from the franchise which first coined the “survival horror” genre. Set in 21st century rural USA, the storyline follows on from Resident Evil 6 and sees players having to find their way out of an abandoned farmhouse in the deep south. The unique “Isolated View” creates an innovative cinematic yet first-person vantage point of the action.

Slender: The 8 Pages

Designed for Windows and Mac OS X, the 2012 release of Slender: The 8 Pages is a rather rudimentary yet heart-pounding slasher thriller. Although that’s what you might expect given that Parsec Productions developed this to be a free-to-play indie game. Players find themselves lost in an eerie, deserted forest and must retrieve the eight pages pinned to trees across the forest while steering clear of the creepy “Slender Man”. Whenever you hear white noise in the background, you will know that the Slender Man is nearby. Although it’s unclear why players have to collect these pages, the simplistic storyline plays neatly into the hands of adrenaline junkies.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The iconic 1984 slasher movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street, captured the imagination of movie lovers worldwide, grossing $57 million at the box office. Within this recommendation, we’re not actually talking about the 1989 NES classic, we’re actually going to discuss the latest video slot developed by Random Logic. You only have to reach the warning on the initial splash screen of its violent content to realize that this is a thrill-a-minute slot game. Within spine-tingling high-definition audio and visual effects, it’s not a slot you’ll want to play with the lights off. It’s also a slot that’s currently exclusive only to online gaming giant 888casino. Fortunately, this site is one of the most hospitable online casinos for new sign-up promotions, currently giving punters a 100% matched deposit bonus as well as 25 free spins on selected games. Free spins and horror? We’re in!

Left 4 Dead

PAX_2008_-_Left_4_Dead_(2812254281).jpg There are few better first-person shooter survival horror titles out there than the Left 4 Dead franchise. The brainchild of Valve, this slasher video game is best enjoyed with a group of friends given its cooperative nature. Up to four players can play simultaneously, working together as any of the survivors attempting to get to safe houses and secure military protection from the hordes of feral zombies. Fans of the original title and its sequel have been patiently waiting for Left 4 Dead 3, but reports last year suggested a new edition was cancelled during the development stage by Valve.

Outlast Trinity

Outlast is one of the most stunning slasher horror gaming franchises in history. Do you want even better news? Warner Bros have put together an Outlast Trinity bundle of all three of the releases in the series thus far. Unlike Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and its unique first-person perspective, Outlast shines through its restricted first-person view. The fact that players are unable to view too much actually serves to heighten the tension in this game. Combine that with a general lack of defense and weaponry mid-game and you can see why gamers thrive off the sense of loneliness that makes this franchise so gripping.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th and the unmistakable Jason Voorhees go hand-in-hand when it comes to slasher horror. The terrifying Jason and his intimidating mask has long been etched in the memories of fans of the classic movie. More recently, the franchise has been given a 21st century reboot on the PlayStation 4. Developed by IllFonic in collaboration with Gun Media, Friday the 13th: The Game can be enjoyed in single-player and multiplayer format. The multiplayer format is more engaging and brings out the best in the semi-open world dynamics. Up to seven controllable players can play as counsellors of Camp Crystal Lake while one other can take the leading role of Jason, with all the action played out in third-person perspective.

Until Dawn

Last but by no means least, Until Dawn is one of the most cinematic horror video games you are ever likely to encounter. With a hugely immersive storyline and some incredible cut scenes, you really feel part of the friendship group of these eight adults trapped on Blackwood Mountain. Another slasher game which is played out in third-person perspective, players must take individual decisions that alter the eventual impact of the plot in a fascinating butterfly effect. This means that no version of the game is usually the same, depending on the paths you take to solve the mystery. The game’s virtual reality Rush of Blood spin-off also takes you on a horrifying roller-coaster of a game – quite literally!

We challenge you not to enjoy any of the above slasher video games. Although many of them are not exactly new on the block, their clever storylines and perspectives create the perfect on-screen atmosphere.

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4 Popular Movies From Bollywood About Gambling




Due in large part to the world’s perceptions of Indian culture, the people of India have never been viewed as gambling enthusiasts. Aside from Countries in the Middle East, India is one of the few countries in the world that still have a long-standing law on the books that strictly prohibits all forms of gambling (see the India Gambling Act of 867).

Clearly, the realities about gambling in India are quite different. Over the last 50 years, revisional laws have been passed in support of India residents gambling on games of skill. In the eyes and minds of lawmakers, games of skill would include lotteries, card games like Rummy and Poker, and horse race betting.

While it is still illegal for India residents to play online casino games for real cash, there has been no effort on the part of law enforcement to monitor such activities. That is why millions of India residents are now proud owners of online casino gambling accounts registered and licensed in countries like the UK.

Gambling Goes to Bollywood

Movies often imitate culture. With the rise in popularity of gambling throughout India, other parts of the Indian culture have taken note. For instance, the Bollywood community has certainly taken note of what’s happening in the country. This has led the way to several Bollywood movie studios signing on to produce movies that depict certain aspects of the gambling community. If you are curious about Bollywood movies about casino gambling and gamblers, you will note there are a least five important movies of note. Let us take a look at three movies that successfully focused on the gambling community in India.

Gambler (1971): Bollywood’s first gambling movie of note. The story revolves around a police inspector who was abandoned by his parents at a young age. After receiving threats while investigating India’s corrupt underworld, Inspector Pandey quits his law enforcement job in favor of becoming a professional gambler. Though he has great financial success, it comes at quite a price in other parts of his life.

Jannat (2008): The movie revolves around a young street smart gambler who sets out on a career as a cricket bookmaker. After achieving great success and fortune as a bookie, he meets a love interest and decides to go legit. When it comes to becoming a successful businessman, the man finds his life spiraling out of control as his fortune and love are put at risk.

Teen Patti (2010): Named after one of India’s most popular card gambling games. The movie stars Oscar award winning actor Ben Kingsley who plays a gambler and renowned mathematician named Perci. Perci meets up with another mathematician who has developed a mathematical system to beat the game of Teen Patti. After proving the system works, the two mathematicians step up into the world of notorious gamblers where they face the trials and tribulations that come from delving into the darker parts of the gambling world.

Given the current changes that are taking place in Indian society as it relates to gambling, it’s fair to suggest that gambling is going to be the focus of more Bollywood movies in the future.

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Private islands and celebrities – an ideal spot for hiding from the pandemic




To relax after a difficult shooting period to the sound of the surf – our stars can afford it, but to spend relaxation on your island – this is a completely different level. Many celebrities earn so well that they can buy their private islands, which, incidentally, can be safely hidden from a pandemic.

Eddie Murphy’s private island

In the mid-2000s, star of American comedies and stand-up artist Eddie Murphy was able to calmly take care of floating acres – 13 years ago, the actor acquired an islet of Rooster Cay in the Bahamas. By the way, this is not the first paradise of Eddie. Before that, he already bought a private piece of sushi, but then resold it.

Mel Gibson’s island

Gibson acquired the volcanic Mago Island in the Fiji archipelago in 2005. This piece of land is one of the largest in the South Pacific, its area is more than 2000 hectares! The island is bordered by protective reefs, powdery white beaches, and turquoise lagoons.

Buying this island from the Japanese hotel chain Tokyu Corporation, the actor promised that he would keep it in its original form for a modest exclusive vacation. And so it happened – Mango retained its pristine purity, there are several houses for servants and guests, a stone pier for ships, and about fifty Aborigines, whom Gibson took to work, still live.

Mago Island is also famous for its incredible scenery, beauty, and amazing sights. Although the infrastructure of the island is extremely modest at the moment, Mel Gibson has quite a lot of plans for this small volcanic fissure in the Pacific. The most common structures we see on celebrity islands are usually hotels, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters, and sometimes even casinos.

Even considering Fiji law (which is the nearest government), it’s likely that casinos will start appearing on Mango island soon. This is nothing to be surprised about as a huge list of casino games online have already reported demand from the region, as well as being very well aware of celebrities’ nack for gambling for entertainment.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Island

Photo paparazzi from the personal island of Leo became a familiar element of Western magazines. Surrounded by beauties, the star frolics on the luxurious Blackadore Caye island in the Caribbean, which he acquired in 2005 for mere pennies. “It looks like paradise,” says the actor about his property. An ardent environmentalist and lover of animals, he, like Pamela Anderson, wants to build a luxury eco-hotel that does not destroy nature.

Brad Pitt’s island

Seven years ago, the foreign press sounded: “Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt an island for $ 20 million.” A piece of land 50 miles from New York is shaped like a heart. The gift area was 11 acres.

By the way, this is not the first piece of land in the assets of now ex-spouses. Prior to this, they acquired the island of Gaia In the Ionian Sea. The land was formalized by the same London real estate agency as Jack Sparrow Island. How much the site cost is not reported.

Price: $ 20 million (1.3 billion rubles).

Johnny Depp’s Island

Well, what kind of captain without his ship and island? The creator of the image of Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp acquired the island of Little Halls Pond Cay, which is located two hours from Nassau – the capital of the Bahamas. It was here that he rested in between filming of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it was here in 2015 that his wedding with Amber Heard took place, after a scandalous divorce from which the actor was expelled from the franchise.

By the way, five years ago, Johnny Depp bought the second piece of land – the Greek island of Stroggilo in the Aegean Sea.

Pamela Anderson’s Island

What did the gentlemen give you, girls? Flowers, perfumes, iPhones? But drummer of the group Mötley Crüe Tommy Lee acted like a real rocker. He took and bought his beloved Pamela Anderson the island of Greece in the artificial island complex “Mir” (there are 300 islands) in Dubai. Indeed, is it possible to come up with a more suitable present for the rescuer of Malibu? Despite the fact that the marriage with Tommy lasted only three years (1995 – 1998), the musician in 2008 wanted to please the former – apparently, in gratitude for the sons of Dylan and Brandon. Anderson, who was obsessed with protecting nature and health, planned to equip the island with a giant eco-farm, but the idea has not yet been implemented.


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