Filming locations in Bruges: where is the 2008 comedy film filmed?

In Bruges is a 2008 drama, horror and comedy film starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes directed by Martin McDonagh, about two Irish hitmen who hide from their boss in Belgium after realizing they have to kill a priest and kill a boy instead and one of them experiences a change of heart.

The plot of the film is one of redemption, repentance, crime and punishment, and it is beautifully shot on location in many of the places we will explore today. If you ever visit Belgium and are a film fan, make sure you visit these places as they are filled with architectural beauty and vibrant history, and of course you have the added feeling of knowing it was a film location for one. hell of a movie.

In Bruges Film locations

In Bruges was filmed entirely at various locations in Bruges, West Flanders, Belgium. Today we’re going to explore some of those iconic and historic locations that add an extra layer of depth to the film and make the city a character in the film itself.

Fun fact: In Bruges was the directorial debut of Martin McDonagh. The film was also written by him and marked the start of a great film career with films such as Six Shooter (for which he won an Oscar) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Seven Psychopaths.

In Bruges Film locations
Colin Farrell as assassin who changes his mind (Credit: Universal Pictures)

Basilica of the Holy Blood

This Roman Catholic basilica was built as a chapel between 1134 and 1157 and then promoted to a minor basilica in the 1920s. It is located on Burgplein and houses a vial containing a piece of cloth stained with the blood of Jesus Christ.

In the film, Brendan Gleeson’s character, the mentor of Colin Farrell’s character, visits the relic of the Holy Blood, but in fact the interior scenes of that visit were actually filmed in the Church of Jerusalem rather than in the Basilica.

Filming locations in Bruges
Basilica of the Holy Blood (Credit: Bruges, Bruges YouTube Channel)

Imagine Astrid Park

The Koningin Astrid Park is located in the heart of Bruges, adjacent to the Burg and the Vismarkt. It is a botanical park with many types of seasonal trees, large playgrounds, a pond with a fountain, and it was one of the places that Colin Farrell’s character visits when he changes his mind after the dramatic events that caused him to doubt himself. his way of life.

Filming locations in Bruges
Queen Astrid’s Park (Credit: Tour Belgium YouTube channel)

Church of Jerusalem

The Church of Jerusalem is a replica of the tomb of Jesus Christ, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, the place where it was believed that Jesus Christ was buried and brought back to life. It was built in the 15th century as a prestige project by a wealthy family.

In Bruges Film locations
The interior of the Jerusalem Church (Credit: Atelier Broucke YouTube channel)

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