Far from your Bae? Watch these movies together on V-Day

Even before the pandemic made it a necessity, young people virtually hung us from their phones and laptops, played online games, chatted, and generally had fun.

But what happens if you and your Valentine can’t meet on this special day because you’re in a different part of town, or even a different part of the world?

Holding hands and sharing popcorn may sound silly, but technology allows you to watch movies together, stare into each other’s eyes and mumble, or write sweet little words into your headphones or tap your handset.

But then comes the big question: what should you pay attention to?

Here’s our recommendation of seven mushy movies guaranteed to make you swoon, beautiful ‘true love’ stories from around the world that speak the universal language of love.

7. 10 things I hate about you

Whether you’re in school or not, this teen romance will still make the butterflies flutter. The crux of the story is how a bad guy falls for an anti-socialist girl.

6. Pride and prejudice

Can hate turn to love? Based on Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice tells the epic tale of love, marriage and status quo.

The narcissistic Mr. Darcy slowly develops feelings for the intelligent Elizabeth Bennet. Tables are flipped when both discover they are meant for each other

5. Jab We Met

A love story that began a journey – Jab We Met makes it classic romantic movies. The plot centers on a funny Punjabi girl, Geet, who meets a depressed Mumbai businessman, Aditya. She helps him understand the real meaning of life, but loses hope herself after the breakup. How Geet and Aditya reunite as a couple is a binge

4. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

A powerful story with a strong message: love is love.

Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil or ADHM teaches us the power of one-sided love and that nothing is as beautiful as ‘unrequited love’

Alizeh and Ayaan were total strangers before meeting in a pub and becoming best friends. From portraying the best moments in friendship to intense love, the film captures a variety of emotions. The touchy songs add to the magical impact

3. K dramas

Believe it or not, Korean dramas are tear-jerking and funny at the same time. They can even make you laugh heartily, but the profoundly tragic love angle in their dramas cannot be ignored.
There are several promising love stories such as Crash Landing On You, Boys Over Flowers, Pinocchio, The Heirs, The Legend of the blue sea, Descendants of the sun and many more available on Netflix, Hulu and Wiki.

2. Bridget Jones’ diary

The first in the trilogy is Bridget Jones’s Diary – it lives up to the saying, “Love happens when you least expect it”

The romantic comedy centers on Bridget, a woman in her 30s who is looking for true love.

As a New Year’s resolution, she writes her thoughts and goals in a journal, in which she mentions the kind of men not to occur, but things go unplanned and she meets two men, will Bridget still long for love or meeting the mysterious Mr. Right?

1. The notebook

A classic romance story set in the background of a World War II, The notebook describes the lives of two people with a huge status difference. Noah – a poor boy falls for Allie, whose father runs a thriving business. Although they both fall prey to the circumstances, the unconditional love finds a way to reunite them even after decades.

So grab your tissues and buttered popcorn before you start one!

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