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Facebook is working on Smart Watch to compete with Apple Watch

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Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

Facebook is developing a smart watch that will focus on messaging and health functions, a new report from The informationCarriers can send messages using Facebook services such as Messenger and WhatsApp, and it works with a cellular connection without a paired smartphone.

Health features such as options to track workouts with friends or interact with trainers will be included, and the watch can connect to services from health and fitness companies such as Peloton. Facebook’s upcoming watch would run a version of Google’s Android software.

Facebook plans to sell the smart watch at its manufacturing cost, which it does with the Oculus headset. There’s no word on what the pricing will be, but competing products range in price from $ 150 to $ 400 +.

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A smart watch is unlikely to fare well with those concerned about Facebook’s data collection. Amazon recently released a “Halo” fitness band mocked for its invasivenessFacebook already makes a number of consumer hardware products, including the aforementioned Oculus and Portal camera and tablet devices.

A smartwatch from Facebook should compete with the Apple Watch, one of the best-selling wearables on the market. This morning, a report more than suggested that 100 million people own an Apple Watch worldwide. Facebook is also working on its own Ray-Ban brand smart glasses that would compete with rumors of Apple products in the years to come.

Facebook wants to start selling its smartwatch next year, with a second generation planned in 2023. The information says development is “far away”, but there is always a chance that the product could be scrapped.

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