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EXCLUSIVE: Karanvir Bohra Launches Mental Health Awareness Initiative After Friend Kushal Punjabi’s Death

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Karanvir Bohra starts an initiative to raise awareness about mental health. On World Suicide Prevention Day, Karanvir shares the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health.

EXCLUSIVE: Karanvir Bohra Launches Mental Health Awareness Initiative After Friend Kushal Punjabi’s Death

With the increase in cases of depression, anxiety, suicides and more particularly among today’s youth, the mental health stigma has finally been broken and is now taking on the importance it deserves. Actor Karanvir Bohra has also come forward to address the mental health scenario we are currently facing, actively seeking to build more awareness and help those in need through the process. The actor has recently taken to his social media to launch a series called ‘Kushal Mangal’ following the death of his good friend Kushal Punjabi as a result of suicide, speaking through the initiative on how to address and address mental health issues. addressed. .

Speaking of ‘Kushal Mangal’ and his views on the mental health stigma, Karanvir shared, ‘Somehow mental health has always lagged behind in our country, but over the years with the increasing number of cases that led to depression, suicide, anxiety and more. has finally brought it to the fore and given its great importance. While we always prioritized physical health, mental health has never been a priority, and I really feel like this is the time it should be! Times are changing and people unfortunately take the unfortunate route of suicide to end their problems, when ideally they fight it and get through it boldly is what they should be doing. “

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He continued: “After experiencing the loss of my good friend Kushal Punjabi by committing suicide, I realized that such issues of the mind as depression and anxiety that take such drastic steps as suicide should be openly addressed, accepted and The lockdown has also seen some unfortunate suicide incidents that absolutely shocked us all! So then I started working on my ‘Kushal Mangal series, an initiative to spread awareness about mental health issues and how people are tackling them and helping themselves to recover a better way to interact with them and more importantly understand how and why they occur, through my social media platforms. I did these live series with Reena Jabran, a neurolinguist, who shared her deep insights and views on the subject, and together we have strived to do the best to make people aware of psychological problems. “

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