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So guys, do you like action movies? Siddharth Anand’s upcoming direction, Pathan, is set to be Bollywood’s most extravagant action sequel. Everything related to the movie can be described as sealed as everyone makes sure nothing falls. The film will be produced by Aditya Chopra. But even if it’s still unclear, here’s everything we’ve gathered for you.

Release date: Pathan

With the camera rolling in and production running smoothly, Pathan would soon be in the post-production stage. The film is expected to be released this year on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Or to be more precise, it is very likely that Pathan will be released on October 2, 2021.

Cast: Pathan

The movie will be an all-star cast movie. All of the cast members of Pathan are the top-grossing performers. The list starts with King Khan, also known as, Shah Rukh KhanAfter him on the list is Deepika Padukone. John Abraham will be seen playing a negative character in the movie. Ilez Badurgov will act as a police guard in Pathan.

Besides all of them, Dimple Kapadia will play an important role. Probably the best part of the movie is Salman Khan’s cameo. Salman will see his character from the movies, Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai as Avinash Singh Rathode, aka Tiger.

Box: Pathan

The plot will be a typical police versus crime story. But what’s new is that it will be in a dystopian setting. The setting will be somewhere in the Middle East and the place has been turned upside down. All the big houses that inhabited the wealthy sector are now homes for the criminals. One of those criminals and a great drug lord is played by John Abraham. He is portrayed as a merciless gangster who killed his own father. So there will be pursuit or struggle to make him serve in the eyes of the law.

Updates: Pathan

As the movie features several major celebrities, filming is scheduled based on their availability. Salman Khan shot his scenes in February. At the same time, Shah Rukh Khan is now in the middle of his shooting. John Abraham recently joined SRK to film.

According to a crew member, the artists will be working on a number of action sequels. Both Srk and John Abraham began filming together on April 2, 2021. Deepika Padukone, however, will join the filming later this year.

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