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Every song in the movie (and what it means)

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Which number is covered? Luke, and how are they used? Set in northern Italy, the 2021 Disney/Pixar film follows two young sea monsters who pretend to be humans in the port city of Puerto Rico. The Luke The soundtrack features retro pop songs and funny interpretations of Italian classics.

Luke Tells a story about fishing from the water 13-year-old sea monster named Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay). He spends his life believing that the mysterious land above his water house is extremely dangerous, but then changes his mind after befriending Alberto Scarfano (Jack Dylan Grazer), a sea monster who teaches him how to behave and behave. as a human. After leaving the water as she did, the species biologically assumed human form. The Luke Lead actors include Maya Rudolph and Jim Gaffigan as Luke’s parents, Emma Burman as the boys’ new boyfriend Giulia Marcovaldo, Marco Baricelli as his imprisoned father Massimo Marcovaldo, Savario Raymondo and with him Sacha Baron. Cohen as the uncle of the title character Ugo.

Lusar The official score was composed by Dan Roma, best known for his work Wild animals of the south And beast of a nation. The Disney 2021 film is dedicated to the late Ennio Maricone, an iconic Italian musician who died in 2020 at the age of 90. In general, the featured music will delight listeners who enjoy traditional Italian pop music. Here’s every issue of Pixar’s latest movie, Luke.

“A bass at midnight” – Citra Quartet

“Oh my dear daddy” – Maria Callas

“The Cat and the Volp” – Eduardo Benato

“I hear Al’ora in Andavo” – Gianni Morandic

“Tintarella de Luna” – Mina

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“Made mandara della mama ek take the milk” – Gianni Morandic

“Long live the Pope Colonel Pomodoro” – Rita Pavon

“Kavatina: Una Vok Poko Fa” – From the Budapest Fellney Chamber Orchestra (‘The Barber of Seville’)

“City Voice” – Mina

Luke To start with “A Bass at Midnight,” An old fashioned Italian pop song that translates to “a kiss at midnight”. The enthusiastic rhythm plays on top of the credits and sets the overall tone for it. Luke, Now available on Disney+. Thematically, several references to the stars connect Luke’s belief that he sees fish in the sky. While Tomaso and Giacomo speak in the opening scene, the former has played an Italian classic, “Oh my dear daddy,” Composer Giacomo Pukini wrote. The record player later drowns in the sea, which ties into the song without telling a woman to drown in the river.

18 minutes apart Luke, “The Cat and the Volp” Act as the title character and Alberto Bond while having fun on the ground. Lyrically, the song tells an ironic story about a cat and a fox acting as merchants, which ultimately leads the Disney movie, at least in spirit, as they try to sell themselves as real people. About 12 minutes later Disney’s Luke, “The Sunny Side of the Moon” At a time when Luca and Alberto Ircol admire Visconti’s Vespa, the song’s melody captures the captivating character of the Italian community. A few minutes later, “Made mandara della mama ek take the milk” When Luca dreams of owning a Vesper, it underscores the excitement, even if it’s an old vowel. The lyrics, in particular, complement the idea that the Disney hero should have a car of his own. Musically, the song has a road trip quality to match the first of two sea monsters looking to travel all over Italy together.

“Long live the Pope Colonel Pomodoro” Luca plays an extended montage sequence as Puerto Rico begins to reach consensus with the Italian Rivera community. Again, there’s a pretty old-school soundtrack and song about the revolution and the value of good tomatoes. Luca and Alberto both rebelled against social customs, at least they knew them and that’s how they celebrated the little things in the land. When the Disney movie ends, “City Voice” Bitsuite is equally intimate, as the song tells the story of someone hoping to return to the city of a loved one who feels empty without them. Given the overall theme Luke“It is the inhabitants of Puerto Rico who mainly expect his best friend Alberto to return to the gigantic sail of the sea.

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