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Even we fight and argue every time: Upasana – Gulte

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One of Tollywood’s sweet and romantic couples, megapowerstar Ram Charan and Upasana, took a long drive to celebrate their Valentine’s Day yesterday and along with them, they also took their adorable dog for the ride. Charan took Ayyappa Deeksha and is seen in the sacred / traditional black clothing. A fitness enthusiast, Upasana looks fit and healthy and inspires those around her. Upsana shares a car selfie of herself with Ram Charan and their dog, writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

In a candid conversation, Upasna said that even her relationship with Charan has had ups and downs with sporadic fights and quarrels. “A couple’s fights and fights are very common and actually healthy. It makes the bond strong. It’s an essential part of a healthy relationship. We fight, argue and annoy each other all the time. But I feel that is the beauty and strength of our relationship ”. She also said going to date night every weekend is why their relationship has the spark. It’s a secret to having a great relationship, she quoted.

When asked about the best present Charan has ever given her, Upasana said, “All the moments I spent with him are very special to me. But the best gift so far is Daisy, our horse that stays with us. We both love her ”. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Upasana said she’s glad it came on Sunday. Which means the couple can be given some time to watch movies and chill out together.

The love story of Charan and Upasana is inspiring, who share an unbreakable bond and show what true love really is. They have known each other since they were children and have been married for over eight years. And yet the couple makes the choice of their life together and became an epitome of love. When Upasana was asked for advice from people who are in love, he said, “Love unconditionally, accept graciously, and greatly respect.”

On a work front, aside from the highly anticipated RRR, Ram Charan will play a key role in Chiranjeevi’s Acharya. Charan also collaborated with director Shankar on a Pan-India project to be produced by Dil Raju.

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