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“Escape Room: Tournament of Champions”: Who dies and who survives? Where has Amanda gone?

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Who dies and who survives?  Where has Amanda gone?
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“Escape Room: Tournament of Champions,” directed by Adam Robitel, continues the story from “Escape Room” (2019) in the form of another high-stakes life-and-death game. With powerful performances from cast members Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Indya Moore, Holland Roden, Thomas Cocquerel, and Carlito Olivero, the film keeps audiences on the edge of their seats and delivers plenty of shocking twists and turns.

It follows Zoey and Ben as they once again find themselves in Minos’ twisted game of escape rooms with other survivors. As their struggle for survival reaches its final stage, almost everything we thought we knew is up for debate. If you were surprised at the ending of the movie, don’t worry, we’re here to sort out the pieces and paint a clear picture for you. This is what happens at the end of ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’. SPOILERS FORWARD!

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions Plot Overview

‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ begins sometime after the events of the previous film. Zoey goes to a therapist to work through the trauma of the escape room games. Her therapist asks Zoey what it will take to move on, and she replies that seeing Minos in court will help her come to terms with what happened. Later she meets Ben, and they decide to travel to Manhattan, NYC. Zoey thinks a privately held industrial building in Manhattan could be Minos’ base, where they could find evidence to take down the evil company. Ben agrees to go with her, but the duo drive into town instead of taking a flight.

Near the building, a homeless stranger steals Zoey’s compass. Zoey and Ben chase the stranger through a subway station on a subway, but can’t get off until the train starts moving. They soon realize that the subway cab they are in is another escape room puzzle. The other passengers, Rachel, Brianna, Nathan and Theo, are also survivors of several games. The group is locked in the subway cab and has no choice but to play along.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions End: who dies and who survives?

As the group progresses through the first escape room, Theo is electrocuted and dies. Next, the remaining players find themselves in a bank-like escape room, armed with lasers that are activated by stepping on certain tiles on the way to the exit. The whole group manages to get through this challenge alive. In the next challenge, which is on the beach, Nathan sacrifices himself to save Rachel. Zoey finds an alternate exit and Ben and Rachel follow her while Brianna takes the regular exit.

But before he can reach the exit at the top of the lighthouse, the ladder is disabled, causing Ben to fall into the collapsing chamber. Brianna, Zoey and Rachel find themselves in an escape room that looks like a busy Manhattan street. Zoey is the only one who manages to escape when Brianna and Rachel get caught in the acid rain. In the last escape room a great revelation takes place. Amanda, who seemingly died in the previous film, is alive and designed the escape room puzzles for Minos. Amanda reveals that Minos kidnapped her daughter Sonya and forced her to become their architect.

We also learn that Ben is alive and locked in a glass cage connected to the last room. Amanda tells Zoey that Minos wants her to be their new architect and use Ben as leverage. When Zoey refuses, Ben’s cage begins to fill with water. Before he can drown, Amanda helps Zoey save Ben. The trio make it out of the Minos warehouse alive and alert the police. In the end, Rachel, Theo, Nathan and Brianna are seemingly dead. However, we never see any of them die except for Theo. Nathan’s fate is similar to Ben’s, and the latter’s survival could mean Nathan is alive too. Since Amanda didn’t die in the previous film, Rachel and Brianna could have survived too, as their dead bodies are never shown.

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Are Zoey and Ben still in an Escape Room?

Finally, a law enforcement officer in charge of the case tells Zoey and Ben that they have ample evidence against Minos thanks to Amanda’s testimony and the trio’s actions. Zoey and Ben are relieved to learn that those behind the horrible and twisted gladiatorial games will be held accountable. Thinking the worst is over, they board a plane. However, Zoey begins to question the sequence of events and realizes that they are in another escape room. This is confirmed when the Gamemaster’s voice mocks Zoey.

This airplane-like escape room is most likely the simulator we see at the end of the previous movie. This suggests that the whole ordeal was a trap set by Minos to get Zoey on the plane. The reason for Minos’ vigorous pursuit of Zoey isn’t entirely clear, but her ability to save others probably has something to do with it. It is possible that Minos wants to use Zoey’s skills to design escape rooms from which only one survivor will emerge. Zoey helps Minos to lift the limitations of their escape rooms. We might get more answers in a possible sequel, but for now we’re sure Zoey and Ben are in another escape room puzzle.

The ending also highlights the scope of Minos’ activities. In the film, we get a glimpse of the extent to which Minos blurs the lines between reality and escape rooms. However, the final scene suggests that the warehouse where the various escape rooms are kept in shipping containers is fake. The police station is probably also a ploy, as is the news report exposing Minos. The ending suggests that Minos carefully links their escape rooms with real-world elements, creating a sense of paranoia in the players’ minds. So the ending not only makes for an exciting sequel, but also underlines how cunning and powerful Minos is.

Where has Amanda gone?

In the third act, we learn that Minos is forcing Amanda to work for them. Her only hope of freeing herself is for Zoey to replace her as an architect. Zoey refuses and Amanda is visibly upset about this. However, she helps Zoey save Ben. We see her coming out of the warehouse with the duo, but we don’t see her at the police station. The officer in charge of the case mentions that Amanda gave her testimony to the police.

However, the whole setup of the police station is a possible ruse, and it’s possible that Amanda went straight back to Minos’ captivity. There’s also a slim chance she might escape, but since Minos has her daughter, she may have no choice but to play along with the company’s plans. Nevertheless, Amanda’s absence in the final scene maintains the air of mystery surrounding her character. We know for sure that Amanda is still alive and probably knows more about Minos than she has shown.

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