Escape Room 3 Horror Movie Release Date, Cast and Plot

Escape Room 3. Escape Room: The Tournament of Champions’ is a mind-boggling movie that works as one of the ‘Escape Room’ of 2019. Directed by Adam Robitel, it continues the story of Zoey and Ben, who, despite all the obstacles, survived the vicious Minos tricks. However, they soon found themselves in another twisted escape game, fighting for their survival and for the other survivors from the various escape rooms.

The franchise, similar to the ‘Saw’ franchise movies, is quickly taking off a niche. If you find yourself drawn to suspicious mysteries and fascinating puzzles, you must naturally wonder if the third installment in this franchise is that close. we know ‘Escape Room 3’.

Release date movie Escape Room 3

‘Running Room: Sports Champion Competition’ was released by Sony Pictures Releasing on July 16, 2021, specifically in US theaters. In Australia, however, it came out earlier, on July 1, 2021. When it came out, the film, like its predecessor, received mixed reviews, but often featured engaging puzzles.

The third installment in this franchise hasn’t been officially announced yet, but it remains very powerful as the cliffhanger ends at the end of the second installment. Director Adam Robitel expressed his joy at the possibility of a series of talks with EW. “We have a repository of ideas. It will definitely be for the fans. But look, there are so many ways to make a cat, there are so many different ways to keep playing with audience expectations. Yes, we would love to do that,” he said.

Judging by the director’s words, there may be a plan to continue the story, but the studio may be waiting to see the film green-light viewers for a third time. If it is said that the person who will be the ‘Escape Room 3’ can be announced in the coming months, the Escape Room 3 Horror Movie may be released in 2023.

‘Escape Room 3’ Movie Cast and Characters

Escape Room 3 Horror Movie Release Date, Cast and Plot

In the ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ Taylor Russell and Logan Miller also played their roles as Zoey Davis and Ben Miller. They have joined Holland Roden as Rachel Ellis, Indya Moore as Brianna Collier, Carlito Olivero as Theo and Thomas Cocquerel as Nathan. Deborah Ann Woll reprises her role as Amanda Harper from the previous film.

For ‘Escape Room 3’, Miller and Russell are more likely to return, while Woll may also return. Given the cast of his character, the well-known character ‘Daredevil’ could play a big part in the next installment. The chances of Moore, Roden, Cocquerel and Olivero returning are not mentioned, but are limited. We are also looking forward to seeing some new faces in the new part of Escape Room 3.

‘Escape Room 3’ movie plot

Towards the end of ‘Escape Room: The Championship’, the truth about Minos has finally come to light. Zoey and Ben took the plane back home. Just when they think the worst is over, Zoey begins to suspect that the plane is one of Minos’s fleeing murder chambers. His suspicions turned out to be true when the plane began to refuel.

Escape room 3

In Room 3 we probably find the answer to the cliffhanger conclusion of an earlier film. Zoey and Ben may have survived the ordeal, but find themselves in a very dangerous puzzle. Amanda can play an important role in providing insider information that can help Zoey and Ben take down the Minos permanently. Zoey can also agree to team up with Minos and ruin their performance.

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