Emma Stone Why Not Satisfied With ‘Cruella?

While it might not stop her from joining the planned poem, there’s one thing Emma Stone isn’t happy about when it comes to “Cruella.” But it has nothing to do with his time on set or his stars.

His main complaint about ‘Cruella’ is not a complaint about the film itself – other than the end of its genre. Emma even wants Disney to increase her curiosity about more movies and end her complaint about being in Cruella.

After completing ‘Croella’, the stone explained that it feels like some villains deserve a traditional (and more) story similar to that of Cruella de Vil that many have drawn.

Would it be so bad to give other villains their home movies? Emma doesn’t think so, and there’s a villain she wants to see on the big screen for the first time.

Emma loved exposing Cruella so much that she had to think deeply about what other illegal things would be fun to tell (and watch). Although she didn’t commit to the role, Emma said in her speech that she thought Ursula should have her own film.

Total complaint? The fact that Ursula isn’t human at all (or isn’t?), Stone said. He also explained, “You’ve never really tested a non-Disney person that way.”

Yes, Emma, ​​one of those ideas was explored with Disney’s “Offspring” and Ursula’s daughter Uma…

But the fans got the point – they dived deep into Ursula’s underwater house and every trauma that made her what she was in ‘The Little Mermaid’!

it’s a very good idea, and in fact it would be great if Emma used the power to do this as their next evil project. Though it’s unclear how much you should pull on Disney or other creative minds who may have to sign up for this idea.

However, once she’s done with her villainous franchise, fans will have one more performance in the back of Emma Stone’s mind. They say she will be ready for a bigger role in this – and we can come back to that.

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