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Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai Episode 29: release date, watch online and preview

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Hyunckle has just arrived at the battle between Popp and the Dragon Masters. The Dragon Masters punished Popp for preventing them from getting Baran’s son Dino, known as the Hero Dai, back. Popp manages to defeat the Sky Rider and Hyunkle defeats the Sea Rider. The Land Rider told Hyuclkes he’s not like those two who were so easily defeated. He has armor just like Hyunckle’s armor, and he unleashes Dark Armor Spear and clashes with Hyunckle.

Hyunckle has no match against the Land Rider, who rips Hyuckle’s armor apart with a heavy blow. Hyunckle falls to the ground, wondering what Dai’s fate would look like. He is concerned that Baran is on his way to the kingdom where Dai is hidden. He can’t believe Land Rider is beating him. Baran has arrived at the gate of the Kingdom and Land Rider is about to follow him. Merle reveals that the Dragon Knight is approaching, and he gets closer. Crocodine reveals it’s Baran.

Previously in Dragon Quest: The Adventure Of Dai, Episode 28

Their weapon links Baran and Dai, and it won’t be long before Baran finds Dai. Dai has no idea what’s going on, as he has lost his memories. The crest on his forehead begins to glow. Crocodine told the others to get ready to stop Baran before he reaches Dai. Leona told Crocodine they would be the defense, Nabara and Merle would stay with Dai. Crocodine fears it would be too dangerous for the princess to fight alongside him.

Leona notes that she has to be there because Baran may be breaking Crocodine. She will help with her healing spell if Crocodine is injured. Crocodine agrees and realizes he can’t go against the princess’s words. Leona told Nabara and Merle to get Dai out of his cell to get him to safety. She wrapped Dai’s weapon around his waist and told him to protect himself if anything happened. Dai gets scared and tells Leona it’s scary; he doesn’t want to fight. Leona reminds Dai that he was a hero, but Dai doesn’t remember anything about being a hero.

Leona is concerned that Dai has forgotten her too; she kissed him and told him he is a hero the world needs now. She also told him that whoever she’s looking at is not the hero she knows. Dai is brave, strong and sincere. But the one in front of her is a frightened coward, and Dai realizes he can’t be a hero. He thinks if they wait, someone would come and protect them. Crocodine notices that Dai has instinctively felt that Bara is his father, and someone refers him to Baran.

Dragon Quest The Adventure Of DaiDai is unaware that Baran wants to take him. Leona told Dai that the one coming now is the enemy, as he has taken away precious memories of Dai from them. She also told Dai to fight and get back what was his. Dai began to wonder what Leona is talking about. Leona and Crocodine go out after realizing that Baran might be able to get here if they stay.

Grand Cross

She left Dai with Nabara and Merle. Dai began to remember every time he spent with Leona. But he has no idea what happened to him. Meanwhile, Land Rider reveals that Dino is Baran’s son, and Hyunckle realizes that Dino is Dai. Land Rider told Hyunckle they were going to claim Dino back. Hynuckle lies on the ground and listens to how Dino was born. He woke up and told Land Rider not to let anyone take Dai. Land Rider wonders why Hyunckle hasn’t given up since he was injured.

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Hyunckle reveals that Dai is the hope of all the people who live in this world. Land Rider notes that it is nonsense and that the filthy people of this world don’t deserve such a thing. He said he would tell Hyunckle why Baran hates people before killing him. Land Rider reveals how the Dragon Maters were formed and how the Dragon Knight was born. The only woman Master Baran has ever loved is Master Dino’s mother.

But people killed Dino’s mother, and Hyunckle can’t believe people killed Dai’s mother. Land Rider reveals how Dino’s mother was murdered, and he continues to fight Hyunckle. He manages to defeat Hyunckle for the second time and releases a Sunder Claw to finish Hyunckle. Hyunckle notes that Land Rider has fallen into his last perilous fall. He unleashes a Grand Cross and lets the Land Rider fly.

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, episode 29, release date

Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 29 will be released on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at 9:30 am JS. You can watch Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai online at Crunchyroll. Watch the preview of episode 29 below.

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