Download Tandav web series: How to view and download Tandav online

The political thriller Tandav debuted on Amazon Prime Video on January 15 and has already been mired in controversy over its portrayal of Hinduism and Hindu gods. The show focuses on a politician’s ambitions for power and his manipulation of others around him. is all about how to watch and download the series online.

How to view and download Tandav online

Tandav is one Amazon Prime Video Original and thus can only be viewed on the streaming platform.

You need a Prime subscription that costs £ 7.99 a month or £ 79 for an annual fee.

Together with Tandav you can watch hundreds of other movies and television shows such as Inside Edge, Mirzapur, Outlander and Jack Ryan.

Amazon Prime has a download feature that allows you to watch content offline without a live internet connection.

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“During the lockdown, I was in my Dehradun house for five months and kept writing.”

Khan will once again be in charge as shrewd politician Samar Pratap Singh, who made a shocking move at the end of the first run.

He also teased fans with another series, telling to “keep an eye on this space” given the “unanswered questions” left at the end.

The Sacred Games star praised Tadav for being “current”, saying, “These shows are fairer and reflect what the country is going through.”

The controversy could affect whether season two gets the green light from Amazon.

Tandav’s cast and crew have already come out and apologized for causing some infraction, but it seems this may not be enough to stop the anger and criticism of the program.

Should the show finally get seal approval, the coronavirus pandemic could also be a factor to consider and whether it will affect filming.

For now, it looks like fans will have to be patient and see what happens to the streaming platform which is also likely to keep an eye on the situation and controversy.

Tandav is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

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