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Gullak Season 2 Full Series Download Telegram, TamilRockers and other torrent sites have leaked. This is why you shouldn’t download it online.

Tamil rockers leaks ‘Gullak Season 2’ for download on its pirated website within hours of its official release on Sony Liv. Read more about it.

India is one of the countries where piracy of digital content is very high.

Despite strict rules and regulations, there are several illegal websites involved in digital piracy of content in India.

Tamilrockers is one such illegal website operating in India that is involved in the leakage of movies and TV shows.

In the past, Tamilrockers has leaked several big budget movies and TV shows, leaving the creators at a huge loss.

The infamous piracy website has struck again because it leaked Gullak 2 on its illegal website. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Gullak Season 2 Review: a heartwarming watch

Geetanjali Kulkarni makes a great linchpin as the wife-and-mother who keeps things going, bothering everyone with equal energy so they can make up the best of themselves.

The second season of Gullak, the TVF show streamed on SonyLIV, unites us with the Mishra ‘parivaar’ – mummy Shanti (Gitanjali Kulkarni), papa Santosh (Jameel Khan), ‘bada beta’ Annu (Vaibhav Raj Gupta) and ‘chota beta’ Aman (Harsh Mayar), and their comings and goings.

They are based in a small North Indian town, but it could be a middle-class family everywhere, trying to make ends meet with their modest means, trying to improve their lot, with blobs of everyday feelings: bickering and bickering, but ready for each other at the end of the day.

It is this closeness expressed in unexpected ways that makes this series such a heartwarming watch.

Kulkarni hardly ever speaks sweetly to her family; even love is drenched in sarcasm.

But those in the know are aware that the ‘jhunjhlaahat’ comes from a place of unshakable love, equal parts annoyance and affection.

There is also a constant desire to improve their standard of living, which sometimes leads the men of the house to dodgy zones, especially the older son who is still unemployed.

Extra money is tempting, but the straight and narrow is the only way to go: the Mishras are human and fallible, but they know, and we know, that their moral center is strong.

Khan, who momentarily leans towards a ‘suvidha shulk’ (if you’ve heard a fancy word for bribes, let me know) soon learns that the costs outweigh the benefits.

As in the first season, the all-seeing ‘gullak’ is the ‘sutradhar’ who gives us the lowdown on all events revolving around nosy, nit-picking neighbors (Sunita Rajwar is a hoot), friendly aunts from cat parties, local power centers busy taking down people who think they make more money, and family members who intentionally sent out wedding cards without that all-important pre-fix, ‘sa-parivaar’.

There are times when you want some variation in the cadence: for example, does mommy have a softer, softer tone?

Can the constant carp stop even if it’s just for a second? But what’s nice is that Gullak never gets shrill, even when some pretty obvious lessons are learned, complete with appropriate ‘kahawats’.

The men of the house never clean up after themselves, for example, do they really need mommy to point it out to them?

Or maybe the Mishra men do. Nice to see them with shame after the always cooking-cleaning-washing-mummy machine calls her aching knees, the effort it takes to make a fresh green chutney and why ‘sil-battas’ should give away to mixer-grinders.

Kulkarni makes a great pivot as the wife-and-mother who keeps things going, bothering everyone with the same amount of energy so they can make up the best of themselves.

Khan’s ‘bijli-ka-board’ employee is just as credible as he was last time, and Mayar is perfect as the youngest son who hates to study, loves cricket and still has the ability to be his teachers and parents to surprise with high marks.

The Mishra household is not an island, even though most of the action is within its walls. Beware of the little jibe with that priceless phrase, ‘Nehru ki galti’: they never say it themselves, but left to themselves, the Mishras are the kind of salt-of-the-earth, upright Indians who stand up for them. wronged.

Shopping lists are important markers: a deodorant is just as important as a new phone for an ambitious New Indian family. This also applies to their roots and moral values, which they receive in ‘virasat’ from their mom and dad.

When they come back for a third round, which I’m sure will do sooner or later, have the men learned to put their used cups in the sink? Will Beta Annu have found a ‘naukri’?

Most importantly, will the ‘gullak’ still take center stage?

Gullak Season 2 Trailer

Tamilrockers Leaked Gullak Season 2 Download Full Series?

Gullak Season 2 was released on January 13, 2021 on the OTT platform Sony Liv.

Within hours of its official release, the full download of the Gullak Season 2 series was made available on the Tamilrockers’ illegal website.

People from all over the world can now go to Tamilrockers website to illegally download the full movie. This illegal download of Gullak Season 2 on Tamilrockers has certainly resulted in big losses for Sony LIV & ALTBalaji and also for the creators of the movie.

People are advised not to download the full Gullak Season 2 series from the Tamilrockers website as this is an illegal way to watch the movie.

You just need to have an active Sony LIV membership to stream the movie anytime, anywhere.

All users are advised to watch Gullak Season 2 properly and not download Gullak Season 2 series from illegal Tamilrockers website.


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