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In the early hours of November 23, EA Sports teased the mobile scene by releasing FIFA Mobile beta in the form of a limited test. The version has only been released for Android and is only available in three countries at the time of writing: India, Canada and Romania.

FIFA Mobile beta is one of the first hints of the upcoming new season of FIFA Mobile. Over the years, FIFA Mobile has grown in both user and game modes. EA Sports is constantly trying to make the mobile version comparable to the console and PC edition.

While the beta is also referred to as FIFA Mobile Beta, the beta gives players the whole experience by rewarding the testing players with enough resources and premium features to help them explore every nook and corner of the game. The main motive is to let the testers play the full beta version of FIFA Mobile to understand where the game works well and where more work is needed.

How can players play the FIFA Mobile beta in the allowed countries?

How to download the FIFA Mobile beta?

For starters, those who have signed up as beta testers under the Google program or for FIFA Mobile can get the FIFA Mobile beta client by manually searching the Play Store.

However, both sets of testers have been full for a long time, which means that the FIFA Mobile beta client usually doesn’t show up in search results. But gamers should be concerned about the next step; they just need a mobile browser.

The first step is to access Twitter through the Android app or through the browser. Anyone who opens via the app must register. Search Twitter for FIFA mobile in the search box and click on the first search result (it should be FIFA Mobile’s verified Twitter handle). Players can scroll down to find the tweet embedded below that the . contains downloadable link.

🚨 Call everyone #FIFAMobile players from India, Romania and Canada! 🚨Test new modes, features and gameplay in development in the FIFA Mobile Limited Beta on Android, starting now! 🔥Download it now from the Google Play Store!…

After clicking the link, the user will only be redirected to the Google Play Store and the FIFA Mobile beta client will be displayed. From there, players can download and install the client, open it and play. Since this is a limited beta, players can only play as a guest account.

What is FIFA Mobile Beta?

FIFA Mobile beta is a limited beta testing client available in India, Romania and Canada and only on Android operating systems. The beta client requires no prior registration in any form and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

The major primary change resembles the addition of commentary, a long-requested feature from the FIFA Mobile community. Another exciting addition is the introduction of strike animations in the mobile version. There could be several more additions to the beta client in the coming days, and the community is excited to see what new stuff is coming in the latest FIFA Mobile season.

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