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Download and use to measure SpO2, heart rate

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Download and use to measure SpO2, heart rate
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Pulse oximeters have become an important part of our lives today. In fact, it’s not wrong to say that oximeters have become just as important to us today as our smartphones. With increasing demand, pulse oximeters have become extremely expensive, so much so that to buy a good home oximeter you have to spend at least Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000. Folks who can’t afford such expensive oximeters, there are several free apps out there claiming to help users monitor their vital signs including SpO2 or blood oxygen level and heart rate. One of those apps is Careplex vitals.

Careplex vitals was developed by Carenow Healthcare Private Limited and available for the Apple App Store. For now, the application is not available to Android users in the Google Play Store. In fact, the app allows users to monitor blood oxygen levels, heart rate and respiratory rate in the blink of an eye. While it serves the purpose of an oximeter, we still recommend not relying entirely on an app to monitor vital signs.

How to Download Careplex Vitals

The Careplex vitals app is available in the Apple App Store for iOS users. To download the app on your iPhone:

– Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

Download and use to measure SpO2, heart rate

-Search for Careplex vitals in the app store.

-There is only one app available with that name developed by Carenow Healthcare Private Limited.

-Install the app on your iPhone. The app currently has a rating of 3.3 in the app store.

How to use Careplex Vitals

-Once the app is installed on your iPhone, set it up first by entering the required details.

-To check your blood oxygen and heart rate and respiratory rate, click on the “scan vitals” option on the home screen.

-Then click on the option “start scan”, after which the flash LED will light up.

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-Then place your index finger on the rear camera.

Pulse monitor - Beat & Oxygen

-You have to cover the camera and the flashlight.

-Do not move the finger, click on start and wait for the vital signs to be recorded.

-Once the vital signs are recorded, the app will display the heart rate and respiration rate and also the oxygen level in the blood.

The app allows you to save the readings every time you measure them.

The Careplex vitals also shows “vitals history” and “vitals analytics” on the home screen itself. Under the vital history, you can keep track of your vital signs over time.

Can Careplex vitals replace a pulse oximeter?

In my opinion, nothing can replace a certified medical device. So an app that claims to monitor your vital signs, including heart rate and blood oxygen levels, should not be considered comparable to a certified medical device. However, to check it regularly, it’s okay to use it to monitor your vital signs.

I have tried to monitor my blood oxygen with the Careplex vitals app and with a certified pulse oximeter. Although the app and the oximeter showed similar readings, there was a difference in blood oxygen levels or SpO2. The Careplex vitals app showed 96 as SpO2 level, while the oximeter showed 99.

We recommend not relying on an app in case of medical emergencies and critical care. In such a scenario, a pulse oximeter must be relied upon.

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