Doctor Strange 2: Does Shuma-Gorath Work for Mephisto?

A few weeks ago, there was a rumor about Shuma-Gorath, the main antagonist of Doctor Strange 2. Therefore, if Marvel Studios has in no way confirmed such speculations, they have prompted us to ponder the true identity of the Supreme Sorcerer’s next enemy. Since the production’s launch, fans have not stopped fueling various theories, most of which point to not Mordo’s involvement but Mephisto’s. Often teased, the presence of this supervillain could indeed be the subject of an interesting turnaround.

To understand here that the famous demon could have summoned Shuma-Gorath to carry out a much larger plan. The latter may in particular involve the Scarlet Witch. Given the predominant role of the Scarlet Witch in Sam Raimi’s film and her mastery of both black magic and the Darkhold, it shouldn’t be surprising that Mephisto wanted to wreak havoc thanks to Shuma-Gorath as well as Wanda’s powers. This trio would then be a real challenge for Doctor Strange, especially as they could get their hands on America Chavez to open up the Multiverse once and for all, but most importantly absorb the horrific elements conjured up during the Comic Con of San Diego.

This spring seems all the more plausible insofar as the introduction of Mephisto has been mentioned several times in the series. Loki, the latter currently available on Disney+, according to Kevin coward and the screenwriter of the show, a link with link Doctor Strange 2. In addition, the alliance of several villains would allow to take the opposite stance from the first part, where Dormammu was the main entity. Finally, given the challenge of the blockbuster hit carried by Benedict Cumberbatch, it shouldn’t be surprising that Marvel Studios introduced all of these elements and characters. What a defining film for Phase 4 of the MCU that combines suspense and surprises!

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