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Doctor sleep: plot | Trailer | Cast | Plot | Cast | availabilty

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Doctor sleep: plot |  Trailer |  Cast |  Plot |  Cast |  availabilty
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Doctor Sleep is a supernatural horror film from the American director Mike Flanagan. This film is a sequel to the 1980 film The Shining by Stanley Kubrick. Both films are based on Stephen King’s book of the same name.

Stephen King is a raging sensation when it comes to the new horror supernatural genre. His writing explores horror by examining the worst sides of the human psyche and the strange aspects of things. King is an accomplished writer. His life has not been kind to him for a long time. He has been through a lot. This is probably why he has such a deeper understanding of his characters and their troubled minds.

This article is about The Shining part 2, officially known as Doctor Sleep it was filmed. Mike Flanagan directed it.


The film is based on Stephen King’s novel Doctor Sleep.

Doctor sleep plot

The story revolves around Dan Torrance, whose father Jack became a psychotic killer while living at the Overlook Hotel. This is where Dan first learns about his brilliance, which allows him to see things most people can’t. He can read minds, see dead people and has psychic abilities.

Years have passed since the hotel’s traumatic incidents. But Dan is still struggling to overcome those terrible memories he has. He has become an alcoholic to suppress his shine.

Meanwhile, he meets young Abra whose brilliance is much stronger than Dan’s. This part mainly focuses on Dan’s attempt to rescue Abra from the murderous cult True Knott.

the prequel

The first part of this movie was released in 1980. It was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie was great to watch. Jack Nicholson’s portrait of a man who slowly descends into a darker version of himself is impossible to forget. His smug self-confidence before moving into the cursed hotel turns into a smile often seen on a predator’s face. The family is divided into two parts: hunter and hunted.

The complicated psychology of the characters is the staple of horror. The characters’ behavior, reactions and reactions create a sense of fear in the viewer’s heart. Kubrick did a great job on the movie

The sequel

Doctor sleep: plot |  Trailer |  Cast |  Plot |  Cast |  availabilty
With the team of Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep / The Shining part 2 returns to the story of Dan, who was only a child when the previous incident took place. The sequel focuses on Dan’s journey on many levels.

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Dance alcoholism becomes an important part of this film. From personal experience, King knows the dark side of being an alcoholic. In an interview, he said Flanagan’s film also portrays the reality of a recovering alcoholic, a condition with which King is well known.

Dan Torrence character

It is Dan’s character that connects past and future. Then can not process the things that have happened to him. He realizes that memories are the real ghosts. One must wear it to death. These memories haunt him endlessly. He can do little about it.

Jack and Dan are both different in their approaches and characterization. Jack was always an easy target for the dark forces because of the kind of person he was. His innate selfishness makes it much easier for him to fall prey to the hands of the ominous energy. But Dan fights through it. He never gives up on his good side. He does his best to take a stand against the powers that want to exploit him.

Dan’s character is more contracted than the father. There is a scene in Doctor Sleep that shows the interaction between Jack and Dan and it becomes clear why Jack didn’t make it and why Dan might.

The Shining 2 / Doctor Sleep

presentation of ewan mcgregor and rebecca ferguson
Doctor Sleep and his amazing protagonists!

In his youth, Dan was called Doc, which is the short form for Doctor. This season shows Dan working in a Hospice facility and giving the dying patients a peaceful farewell with his power. This act of sending the people to eternal sleep makes Dan Doctor Sleep.

Availability of doctor’s sleep

with a glimpse of the doctor's sleep
Featuring a still from the horror movie, Doctor Sleep

The movie is available on Netflix, hulu, Amazon Prime. Apart from this, it can also be rented on YouTube.


Mike Flanegan’s Doctor Sleep – the Shining 2 is a delightful watch for any horror movie fan. The film beautifully captures the essence of King’s writing and can transport the viewer into Dan’s world.

Dan’s scary world takes a fatal toll on him, and meeting Abra was just what he needed to survive: a purpose. The powerful performances of the actors make the story so believable that it startles you. You feel like it could happen to anyone.

If you are a fan of horror movies, this one is highly recommended. Even if you haven’t seen the first part, you can still enjoy it as a standalone.

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