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Do you want to have a Netflix viewing party? All the apps you need to try right now –

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At a time in life where being together without actually being together is so important, the idea of ​​enjoying the same entertainment without being in the same room with your best friends and family means. Netflix is ​​the streaming network that has helped so many people through a difficult global pandemic. A pandemic that left people stuck at home.

Many people started working from home while previously they could work around other people in jobs. Being surrounded by colleagues, management and colleagues is a great way for people to feel connected to the world around them. With so many people in isolation at home, it is easy to feel alone. Human contact has been minimized and it has been difficult.


Any great Netflix viewing party can be made possible with an app like Teleparty. Formerly known as “Netflix Party”, this app has since changed its name to include other streaming networks such as HBO, Hulu and Disney Plus. Those interested in using Teleparty to watch movies and TV shows with their friends are in luck because there are so many great options with easy navigation.

The way this app works is through a group chat feature that keeps it easy. Whoever hosts the Netflix viewing party can send a link to anyone they want to include in their group. As crazy as it may sound, Teleparty allows up to fifty people to fit into one Netflix viewing party at a time. This app is as good as it sounds.


Using Rabbit with a Netflix viewing party makes sense in the world as it is considered one of the most complete services out there. It simply provides the ability to stream. Rabbit can be used with any browser, which is useful for people using Firefox over Google Chrome or Safari over Internet Explorer. All browser options are fully accepted with this.

While it’s nice to enjoy a Netflix viewing party with Rabbit, it’s also possible to stream Hulu, Crackle, and other options. All you need to do is create an account and from there you can add all your friends to the viewing party to watch the same Netflix entertainment together anytime.

Watch and Download Movies Online


What would a Netflix viewing party be without Scener? This is a great option for holding shows across the board. Keeping in touch with friends who are far away, or even next door, is made easy with Scener. In addition, the chat rooms are completely open for viewers to exchange messages and have fun conversations while watching their favorite shows and movies together.

It is so important not to isolate or sink into feelings of isolation in the midst of everything that is happening in the world. These apps do their part to keep people close and healthy at the same time. People’s safety is a priority with apps like this one to be sure. It’s even better to have a streaming network like Netflix that always drops so much great new content.

Being able to watch Netflix with your loved ones, even if they aren’t sitting next to you on the couch, can still be an incredible bonding experience. Laughing at the same jokes, reacting to the same dramatic moments, and everything else that comes with enjoying great TV shows and movies can be done through great hosting apps. These are the apps that everyone should want to try as soon as possible.

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