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Do you guys send April and Jackson on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’? Watch their reunion –

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In its 17th season Grey’s Anatomy has given us one surprise after another. The first surprise was immediately the producers’ decision to use a COVID-19 storyline while we are still in the middle of the pandemic. They wanted to be authentic and true to the medical profession to which they owe so much.

It was not easy to jump right in. As co-executive producer Linda Klein explained, “Dr. [Michael] Metzner was a great influence, along with myself and Naser [Alazari]. The three of us would make phone calls to the studio and the companies to make sure we implement the correct and safest way to bring this show to fruition. We’ve fought a lot and it works “

The beach of Meredith’s dream

The show soon found its sweet spot for the season: bringing old, beloved characters back from the dead. This started when Meredith contracted the infection, became critical and needed a ventilator. In her dreams she visits a beach – an abstract concept of the space between life and death.

She first met Derek, her late husband, and then George, her best friend. She was then visited by her last love-important friend Andrew DeLuca, who waged a life-and-death struggle after a noble sacrifice. The beach even brought together Mark and Lexie, the most indisputably rooted couple. Finally, she receives another visit from Derek, who tells her to go back to their children.

Meanwhile, a lot is happening in the real world. The # BlackLivesMatter protests are underway and the producers are not shy about tackling all aspects of race, racial discrimination and identity. An offshoot of this is Jackson’s quest to make a difference.

Jackson is given a storyline

While operating on a victim of the protests, Jackson and Richard have a conversation that throttles Jackson. This comes on the heels of the previous episode where Jackson has already tried to put his wealth to good use. When Richard reveals that he has gone to protests all his life, Jackson feels that his privilege has protected him from the rawness of this part of his identity.

He confronts Catherine, to no avail, and then decides to drive off. The episode “Look Up Child” is picked up here. Finally, Jackson Avery has something essential to do and be. Better late than ever, huh? Sarah Drew said in an interview that her entry is part of ‘a Jackson story. He’s going through something big and she’s the one there to listen. “Mark Sloan would be so proud.

Another twist: April isn’t the only one to visit Jackson. He will also visit his rambunctious father, socialize, and perhaps even speak heart to heart. At the very least, we’re betting on a showdown.

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Coming back to April, are the producers listening to the fans?

As old characters were revived one by one, Sarah Drew, who played the religious and talented Dr. April Kepner plays in Grey’s Anatomy, was asked in multiple interviews if she would return to the show as well. Every time she replied that she would like it, that she doesn’t like the table, and she has returned.

Does this mean that the showrunners are listening to the fans? They were very clear that they wanted to give the fans something, which is why the series of old characters are returning. But the return of Drew’s character may have more to do with need than calming fans, although that’s a great bonus given the nostalgia the trailer has evoked for the upcoming episode.

Is this an end game of #Japril?

Sarah Drew’s return could mean a lot, but it’s just a reunion. It may not be an endgame of #Japril, as many fans thought or hoped. Drew explains what Kepner has been up to in an interview: “She still lives in Seattle with Matthew and co-parenting Harriet. Everything that you all have assumed is where it has been, that is where it has been. “

Or as this Twitter user said, we may need some intense consolation after tonight’s episode.

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