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Disney + subs to catch up on Netflix

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Disney + subscribers (294 million) will surpass Netflix’s (286 million) by 2026.

However, according to Digital TV Research’s latest report, Disney + will only have more subscriptions than Netflix in one country, namely India, where Disney + Hotstar will have 98 million subscribers and Netflix 13 million.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Simon Murray, chief analyst at Digital TV Research said: “Disney + Hotstar will roll out to 13 Asian countries by 2026. These countries will provide 108 million (37%) of the worldwide Disney + subscription total, but only $ 2.62 billion (13%) of the platform’s revenue by 2026. Hotstar subscribers will pay less than a third of the monthly subscription costs of their American counterpart ”.

Worldwide revenues for Disney + will reach $ 20.76 billion by 2026, half of Netflix’s $ 39.52 billion.

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For more information on the SVOD Platform Forecasts report, please contact: Simon Murray, [email protected], Tel: +44 20 8248 5051

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