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Discovery Season 4 Trailer Beams Online

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Just three months after the third run was completed, we already have our first look at Star Trek: Discovery season 4. On the occasion of the First Contact Day on April 5, Paramount Plus has organized a virtual party that has already provided us with the first preview for Star Trek: Picard‘s return and was quickly followed by this sneak peek at the next outing from Discovery.

When we last saw the USS Discovery, Michael Burnham of Sonequa Martin-Green had finally been appointed captain of the ship. And her leadership skills will be put to the test right away as this trailer reveals a new threat to the galaxy. Burnham and her crew, including Saru (Doug Jones) and Tilly (Mary Wiseman), will work with the newly introduced Federation President (half human, half Cardassian) to investigate the spatial anomaly causing cosmic devastation.

This is how the official synopsis for the season reads:

Star Trek: Discovery Season four will feature Captain Burnham and the USS Discovery crew face a threat they have never encountered. With Federation and non-Federation worlds feeling the impact, they must face the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful fture for all. “

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In addition to a new captain at the helm, Season 4 will also deck out the Discovery crew in new uniforms, which are red (commando), gold (operations), and blue (sciences) for those on the bridge. The white uniforms of the medical officers have also been redesigned. In other words, the color scheme has reverted to the Next generation era status quo.

The best thing about the trailer, however, is the promise that the next batch of episodes will be with us this year. That’s thanks to production that started in Season 4 in 2020, before Season 3 even aired. This means we have two runs Star Trek: Discovery in the time between seasons 1 and 2 of Picard, which is scheduled to return in 2022. A specific date was not revealed in the promo, but we can presumably expect the show to be with us again in the last quarter of the year.

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