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Dhanush’s ‘Karnan’ OTT release date

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The latest blockbuster ‘Karnan’ from Superstars Dhanush is reportedly set to hit the OTT platforms soon. Here’s some news about the OTT release date and more.

Despite the dizzying threats from Covid-19, the Tamil movie ‘Karnan’ landed in theaters on April 9, 2021 and received decent support from the public. After a long wait, the fans witnessed their favorite Kollywood star, Dhanush, on the silver screens. The Malayalam beauty Rajisha Vijayan got into the Tamil Entertainment industry along with Karnan and captured the hearts of the viewers.

The film received excellent reviews for its incredibly action-packed plot. After garnering the love of the fans and great reviews from the critics, Karnan is all set for the OTT release.

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Karnan OTT release date

After the pandemic, most filmmakers opt for a theatrical release of the big-budget films, followed by an OTT release. Now Karnan is another on the list. According to the news from sources, Superstar Dhanush has struck an excellent deal with the streaming giant Amazon Prime.

Hence, the film is expected to air on the platform after a theatrical window of 30 days. According to the latest leaks, Karnan’s premiere date is set for May 9, 2021 on Amazon Prime. Fans eagerly awaited Karnan’s OTT release and finally the streaming king, Amazon Prime, has landed another blockbuster. Directed by Mari Selvaraj, Karnan brings the perfect blend of suspense, action and emotion to the audience. So fingers crossed, and let’s wait for an official release statement.

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