Dhanush’s Karnan Movie Will Be Released In Tamil Nadu Theaters With 50% Occupancy

The COVID epidemic has brought a halt to day-to-day affairs worldwide. All businesses and the economy have been shattered and the aftershocks can be felt even after a year of the epidemic. The cinema and theater business is one such company that has gone through a massive downgrade in the last year.

The good news is that it is slowly recovering, and filmmakers and movie buffs have rising hopes. After the recovery, the South Indian film industry will get its long-awaited projects on the floor. One of those films is Karnan.

Karnan is released in theaters with an occupancy of 50%

dhanush karnan

The highly anticipated Dhanush star Karnan will be announced for screening in theaters on April 9. Due to the pandemic, the creators were reluctant to release it on the OTT as most of the movies or have pushed the release until things return to normal. But the creators have faced the situation and decided to release the Mari Selvaraj-directed project in theaters by following the necessary Covid protocol.

The duty of decontamination and public safety rests with screen owners and managers. However, the makers have decided to make sure that the film will be released at 50% occupancy to ensure the safety of the moviegoers for their part.

Karnan Pre-Release Status

According to experts, the 50 percent line-up will affect the film’s revenues, but the highly anticipated Karnan has already brought in a massive Rs. 26 crores even before its release in theaters.

Karnan’s pre-release collection broke Dhanush’s last released Asuran (2019) record, earning 25 crore INR as pre-release revenue.

It’s nice to know that Indian cinema tries to deal with the situation, but it is our responsibility to ensure our safety. Follow the protocols and protect yourself and your family.

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