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Serial killer’s blood-curdling drama series, Dexter, will soon see the light of day. It’s making a comeback after 8 long insidious years. Yes, you heard us right! Miami’s infamous serial killer Dexter Morgan returns to the screens for the 9th Season ‘Dexter’ returns and fans eagerly await his arrival.

The press release of Show Time gave us hope that 2021 will be a breather after the long and eventful year 2020.

Dexter Season 9 News

In October 2020, Gary Levine and Jana Winograde of Entertainment, Showtime Inc. the arrival of the Dexter Returns. Showtime launched a 10 second video of the return of the presumably dead series on October 15, 2020. It had also teased that Dexter season 9 episodes would only be a limited run of 10 episodes.

In an interview with TVInsider on Dexter Season 9 Showtime, executive producer Clyde Philips said,

Dexter always has what we call ‘the dark passenger’ in him. He’s more grounded than ever, but that dark passenger is a voice he can’t deny. This is Dexter. People are dying. “

Clyde Philips in an interview with TVInsider

Adaptation of novels by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter series ended after 8 years, in 2013. The show grinded to a halt after a not so satisfying ending in Season 8.

In describing the details of the upcoming season to ET, Michael C. Hall, who plays the titular role “Dexter,” brought up a few interesting points. First, he would return as Dexter and the plot will take place at the end of Season 8. The last shot of Dexter season 8 showed the protagonist with a beard turning into a lumberjack.

Second, the new limited-episode series may be a “10-hour movie.” It will be a fitting finale to the Dexter series, unlike the controversial season 8.

Fans are majority debating the title not to call it Dexter Season 9. Clyde Phillips, while announcing the comeback, stressed that he wanted it to be a “second finale” instead of Season 9.

Dexter returns release date

Filming began in Sturbridge, Massachusetts in early 2021. In the second week of February, a series of abandoned mines will be fired. If all goes well, Showtime speculates that the limited series will be open to viewers by fall 2021. However, the release date of Dexter Returns will be determined by the reality of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Dexter returns Cast

Creidt: SKY

Since this series is about our favorite bloodthirsty serial killer, it would be a shame to return without his presence. Michael C. Hall would return to the series as the character who made him famous.

Another interesting addition to the limited series is Clancy Brown. He is famous for many movies such as Shawshank Redemption, Highlander, Thor: Ragnarok & Krusty Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants.

Clancy Brown is said to be the antagonist Kurt Caldwell who plays against Dexter Morgan. Dexter’s on-screen sister, Deb Morgan played by Jennifer Carpenter, will not be competing. She died in the series finale and unless there are some flashbacks she won’t be back in season 9. It applies to Dexter’s dad, Harry, played by James Remar.

Both Dexter’s friends, Detective Angel Batista, and forensic expert Vince Masuka were still alive when Season 8 ended. In all likelihood, these two characters will come back and it will be a relief to see them in an otherwise powerful show.

In addition to Michael C. Hall and Clancy Brown, Dexter’s limited series will feature a number of supporting cast, including Julia Jones, Alano Miller, Johnny Sequoyah, David Magidoff and Jack Alcott.

Recently, a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter added a few more names to the returning characters.

We can expect revelations of a few more names in the coming weeks as production is up and running.

Dexter returns Story

There is no official comment on what the plot of Season 9 aka Dexter Returns would be. But the crew has sent out teasers to confirm that the plot isn’t set until a decade after the events of Season 8.

Dexter Returns Trailer

The tentative release date of Dexter Returns is in the fall of 2021. Fans can expect the trailer to land sometime by the last quarter of 2021.

Where can I watch Dexter Returns

Production is underway and if all goes well, Dexter Season 9 2020 will premiere in all its glory on Showtime in the US in the fall of 2021. Unfortunately, Netflix took the show off its platform as Showtime created its own platform and made Dexter its featured series. All 8 seasons of Dexter were last streamed Netflix until December 30, 2020, before being taken down.

However, if you’re planning to relive Dexter Series, all 8 seasons are available on Amazon’s Prime Video. As it is a Showtime original, all past and future episodes will be available through the Showtime platform. For $ 10.99 / month, all seasons will be streamed on Hulu, Fubo, Sling TV and YouTube TV with a Showtime add-on.

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Amazon’s Prime Video

Will Dexter Returns be on Netflix?

Showtime is launching Dexter for a new season for an additional 10 episodes and will be streaming in the fall of 2021. In all likelihood, expect Dexter Returns to come to Netflix a year later after its premiere date. Dexter Season 9 Netflix is ​​expected to stream in the fall of 2022. Stay tuned for the latest updates and news and share your excitement with us.

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