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Dev Manus Zee Marathi Release date, plot and cast | 2020

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Dev Manus is the Marathi Language TV Show that will be streamed on the channel – Zee Tv. This show is a dark genre because it is about a doctor who is a serial killer. The makers plan to release the show on the channel soon. Also know the start date, cast and plot of this TV show below.

Dev Manus Plot:

Dev Manus depicts a serial killer known as a doctor in society. The story revolves around how he commits the murders, as well as the other factors. The previous Horror TV show Ratris Khel Chale was replaced by another dark series Dev Manus.

Dev Manus Cast:

Kiran Gaikwad and Shweta Shinde play the lead roles in the Show Dev Manus. Kiran plays the role of a serial killer and a doctor. Shweta will play an important role in the Show. This show is also made up of many other talented actors.

Dev Manus Trailer & Promo:

The trailer for the show has been released on youtube and has also received positive reactions from viewers. Television viewers are known to always be curious and enthusiastic about these unique genres as these shows keep audiences engaging. The creators also regularly release the show’s promos on youtube.

The trailer shows a lady visiting the doctor and talking about her problems. The doctor then assures her that he will take care of it, then brutally murders her by taking her to his clinic. We learn that the doctor is a serial killer at the time.

Dev Manus release date:

The start date of the Show Dev Manus is August 31, 2020. The show will be broadcast on Zee TV Marathi. The show starts every day at 10:30 PM Monday through Saturday. The show can also be viewed on the Zee5 website, also separate from the TV channel.

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