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Denims Decoded

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Denims Decoded

Denim has been an indispensable wardrobe staple for generations and it will remain so! I don’t think I could go a week without jeans – they’re just that comfortable and easy to put on on a hassle-free day. The jeans of the past decade are constantly being developed to keep up with other trends, but you can also find the classic pair in every denim store. However, not every jeans style would be that ‘perfect’ pair for you and I am always shopping for hours to find the perfect pair. With the many fits and styles, it’s important to understand which cut is the right one for you. We’ve been tasked with helping you find out if the pair is for you.

Denims Decoded

Boot cut

This classic pair will take you back to the ‘flower child’ days. The cut is tapered at the thigh and flared at the ankles, increasing your height a few inches. These pairs are perfect for a woman who is slightly heavier on the hips as the flared hemlines help balance your body. However, I recommend opting for a torch that is not too big, such as bell bottoms, which will make you look taller. When choosing bootcut jeans, keep in mind that the hemline should just touch the sole of your shoe for the perfect fit.


These are the ultimate comfort pair and you can literally steal them from your boyfriend’s closet. These pairs are perfect for someone who doesn’t have much of a derriere or legs to show off. However, if you are someone who is slightly heavier in the middle, you should avoid this pair. The boyfriend jeans look best when they have a slightly worn-in look and are turned up at the hem. To still keep your feminine side intact, team it with an off-shoulder top or a tank top with a scarf.


This pair fits perfectly for every body type and lets you move easily. Also called jeggings, legging jeans usually have a stretch and an elastic waistband. You have the high waist and low waist versions in this pair so you can choose one that fits your shape perfectly. If you’re curvy at the top, I recommend wearing a longer top with this pair or choosing a draped hem top. If you are small or small, you can combine these leggings with almost anything.


These pairs are tricky to wear and don’t suit everyone. Cropped jeans help to break the silhouette, though, especially if you’re on the bottom. Cropped jeans also work well for tall girls who want to divide their height. Cropped jeans also come in a variety of fits, such as tapered and straight, so you can choose one that suits your style. Short tops are ideal for this pair and I do not recommend wearing tunics or long tops over this pair.


This pair has to be the hottest pair of jeans of this decade. No one can get enough of the skinny one and unlike the name, curvy girls can look gorgeous in this pair too. The skinny fit fits closely to the legs and tapers to the hem, giving you a ‘long’ look. These jeans can be worked to look the best with your body by blocking out your ensembles with it. If you are heavy in the middle, you can combine a tunic or a long top with this pair. Do you have abs as flat as an ironing board? Go ahead and pair a trendy cropped top with your skinny jeans.

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