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Deltraune is a role-playing game developed by Toby Fox. It is a very simple game that has received a lot of attention and affection from the users.

Deltarune began to develop in 2012. Now the creator of this game, Toby Fox announced that he will be releasing the latest version of this game as Chapter 2. The previous game is called Undertale the first Chapter.

This first chapter has been released October 31, 2018, for Microsoft Windows and macOS. After some time, they released the Nintendo Switch (February 28, 2019) and PlayStation 4 (March) 5, 2020) editions released on February 28, 2019.

And even more appealing about this game is the soundtrack and sense of humor which is also praised by the critics. Now the question is whether there will be a Delaturune Chapter 2 or not?

Delta rune Chapter 2?

Now let’s move on to the next chapter of this game. As you learn from this tweet, Deltarune Chapter 2 is currently under construction. The best thing about the second episode is that our favorite character will be added again with Berdly when he asked her friend to try the beta version of this game.

He got so much praise for the first game Undertale and now he decided to make another version of the Undertale called Deltarune Chapter 2. According to recent information it has been revealed that this game will be harder than the Undertale.Deltarune Chapter 2: Release Date|  play game|  New personas|  More

Upcoming Features!

  • Graphically it gets more complicated.
  • Many new characters will be introduced.
  • Everything will be one level above the Undertale.
  • More new locations.
  • More new content.

Everything in this game was done by Toby Fox from story writer, composer, audio director, map designer, combat designer, mini game designer and general director. He is a one man army for this game which is commendable.

A few months ago, he completed the whole set on this game. He spent almost two years writing the content and composing music for this game.

The main design and initial installation have been completed. The art, cutscenes, bullet cartridges, non-bullet fighting elements, audio, and maps go through the process. They try so hard to give the fully polished outcome of this game and as we know perfection takes time.

He and his team are working so hard for this game. It’s been 2 years since they worked for Deltraune Chapter 2. He has so much confidence in this game, which is a great thing when a creator said he’s positive and confident in his work, that he’s going to give something really big.

And after this I think the game is going to be super fun and something really attractive and exciting for the fans, what do you think? Do you have any special expectations of this game? Tell us!

Deltarune Chapter 2- Release Date

Publication date: We can’t say anything about the game’s release date yet as officials are still working on it. Let’s wait and give them some time to finish and polish the game. Once they complete the Deltarune, they will surely announce the date soon.

Deltarune Chapter 2- Gameplay!

This has been confirmed that the gameplay is similar to the Undertale, but it will be more difficult than that. But creators add many different tricks and attacks to enhance the experience. Delta rune chapter 2

  • The gameplay of Chapter 2 will be more complicated than Undertale.
  • In this there is a character called Kris that you have to control his action with other actions of other characters of the game.
  • Deltarune also consists of a puzzle and bullet-hell section with more and unique content.
  • The random Encounter system has been discontinued.
  • A good thing for the players is that they can now easily see the enemies in the field.

Much more will be added in the next chapter. A new storyline, more characters and gear will also affect the gameplay.

Deltarune Storyline And Character

In Undertale the story went with two students named Kris and Susie both discover the dark world in their school closet. During their adventure they met Ralsei, she reveals to them that all three are heroes.

In their adventure they make a new friend whose name is launcher who usually helps them to fight over the Dark World, but it is later revealed that Lancer is a son of the King of Dark World, Kris and Susie still help.

They won because Kris used his human soul power and sealed the dark fountain that threatened other worlds and people. Then Kris Susie returned to their world the next day.

Kris decides to leave the school, but Toriel becomes angry after hearing this news. Kris has no problem with the school, the main reason for leaving the school is to explore his hometown.

The next chapter Delatrune 2 will definitely continue this story with new content, personas and lots of new songs.

End words

Let’s longing together to get Deltrane Chapter 2 as soon as possible, when we have the actual release date we will definitely add that in this post.

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