CoolTamil Website – Download Tamil New Movies Online – Is It Legal?

There is not a single person who watches movies online. Most people now want to watch movies online on the website. So, there are many websites on the internet that help people to learn more about the website. But not everyone is thoroughly familiar with these sites. So we have this article about one of those sites called Cooltamil that regularly uploads Tamil movies online.

About Cooltamil

Cooltamil is one of those great websites that upload recent Tamil movies on their website. Although these types of sites are illegal in India, many people use these types of websites to download movies for free all over the country. You can download the movies in HD format as you want. Also, the site has the advantage of different genres you can choose from.

History of the Cooltamil website

Cooltamil is a website that started as a small platform for uploading Tamil movies. And once the site got even little attention, its owners started uploading videos from various other domains as well. This will lead the website to the top of the list of movie download sites. And later, while the government continued to block the site, the owners quickly changed their URLs and kept the site running.

How does the site work?

The website works by uploading event movies online for free. People download movies and visit the site more and more. That way, the ads start to come out when the popularity increases. And the owners charge them to post their ads on their website. And that’s why the site makes money this way.

Is it safe to access Cooltamil?

No, access to the website is not legal. The website is a torrent site and is full of piracy. And since piracy is a criminal offense under the law, you should not download the movie from this site. This is also how you act illegally on the internet.

Is it legal to use Cooltamil?

No, it is not legal to use the website to download a movie. The website is a piracy website and therefore illegal. And if you use an illegal website, you will be involved in illegal activities, which is dangerous for you. So we prefer that you don’t use these types of websites and stay safe.

What are Cooltamil’s alternative websites?

What makes the website unique?

There are numerous websites that upload different movie content. But Cooltamil has become one of the best Tamil movie uploading websites. To find out what are the reasons that the website has become so big, let’s go through the following points and learn about them in detail.

  • The website regularly uploads its content. And keep the website up to date. In addition, the owners upload each new movie almost within a week of their release. This allows people to watch movies almost simultaneously with the cinema release. And so people choose to visit the site and use it to download new movies regularly. They also enjoy the movie in different HD quality. So the person does not enjoy the recent movie, but also enjoys the movie at home in HD quality.
  • The website does not ask for your login details. This way, your data will not be exposed to the hackers. And so your data remains safe. This is another reason why most people prefer this website over others.


This article is complete for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote piracy. Instead, we recommend that you stay away from these kinds of dangerous things and stay safe by using the safe, legal websites.

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