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Coolie No 1 Download Full Movie | Leaked

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Coolie No 1 Download Full Movie TamilRockers, Telegram and other torrent sites have leaked. This is why you shouldn’t download it online (2020).

Coolie No. 1 is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language comedy film directed by David Dhawan and produced by Vashu Bhagnani. A remake of the 1995 film of the same name, which is itself a remake of the 1993 Tamil film Chinna Mapillai, stars Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan, with Paresh Rawal in a supporting role.

Principal photography began in Bangkok on August 8, 2019. The film was set to be released in theaters in India on May 1, 2020, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was later released on Amazon Prime Video on December 25, over Christmas.

Coolie No. 1 movie review: Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan’s movie is a lame parody of the original

Coolie No. 1 Movie Review: Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan’s Christmas release on Amazon Prime is a bad cover of the original and raises an important question: why reboot the old hits?

David Dhawan at his peak is a tough act to follow. Dhawan, the master of crazy cinema, whose favorite playing field remained the farce and the ridiculous, had the uncanny ability to turn any scene into a tickler. With generous help from Kader Khan’s laughable dialogues and the lithe Govinda’s spot-on comedic timings, you never got the chance to examine the script – there wasn’t – or the lack of cohesion. We were in for the ride, and the breathless spontaneity carried you with it. It’s that spontaneity you desperately miss in Coolie No 1, Dhawan’s repeat of his hit from a quarter of a century ago. And the original was never a perfect product in the first place, but it was always light-hearted.

The director’s son, actor Varun Dhawan, this time answering the call of ‘Aaaeee Coolie’. Senior Dhawan doesn’t change the story, offers no surprises for those of us who went to a single screen theater to catch the original. Instead, he gives his decor a lick of paint, adds a flashy wardrobe and voila, a 1995 hit is ready for a whole new audience.

Kader Khan’s Seth Hoshiyarchand is now Goa hotelier Jeffery Rozario (Paresh Rawal) whose only dream is to find a stinky rich husband for his daughter Sarah (Sara Ali Khan). For some reason, he has to talk in rhyme, with the first line being “Heaven on the Docks man.” It rubs on your ear the first time he says it and never gets better.

Rozario, in his search for the richest man in the country for his daughter, insults the matchmaker Jai Kishen (Jaaved Jaffrey, a 2020 version of Sadashiv Amrapurkar’s Shadiram Gharjode) who promises to avenge the insult. He picks up a railway porter Raju (Varun Dhawan) to play the rich suitor Kunwar Raj Pratap Singh. Blinded by the promise of enormous wealth, Rozario lets Raju marry his daughter, but soon realizes that everything is not what it seems. To throw him off the scent, Raju invents the story of having twins, adding even more confusion in an already overcrowded plot.

Coolie No. 1 has a few moments, due in large part to the enthusiasm and spontaneity of Varun Dhawan. As the villain Raju, he can channel his love of broad, physical comedy while monkeying Mithun Chakraborty complete with the pelvic thrusts. It’s like the narrow-minded Raj you wish he’d turned down all impersonation from the veteran actors. He is surrounded by familiar faces; In addition to Paresh Rawal and Javed, Johnny Lever, Rajpal Yadav and Sahil Vaid will also show up. The women, like most David movies, have little to do but stand up for songs and be supportive. Sara Ali Khan is enough when duty calls.

While suspension of disbelief is part of watching a David Dhawan movie, Coolie No 1’s plot is hopelessly out of sync with today’s times. Men are hit in gonads and women are victims of casual sexism. Speech disorders are mined for laughter, just like people’s weight. Not even the coronavirus is spared, as it is used in a rather tasteless and non-funny joke.

Then there are the crater-sized plot holes. While everyone is carrying smartphones and taking selfies, no one bothered to google this desi Richie Rich before taking vows and hosting weddings. You squirm in your chair as the greedy father throws his daughters at the rich suitor, forgetting that we live in a different century than when this was originally written. Too often things reach a point in Coolie No. 1 when such madness is too much to swallow, especially when no chuckling sound follows.

The VFX sequences in the movie may be a prelude to not using CGI. They are of such poor quality that you can really see where the green screen was used.

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Coolie No # 1 Trailer

Cast: Varun Dhawan, Sara Ali Khan, Paresh Rawal
Director: David Dhawan

After being insulted by a wealthy businessman named Rosario, Pandit Jai Kishen teaches him a lesson by having his daughter marry Raju – a Coolie pretending to be a millionaire. Soon, Raju’s real identity comes to light, but he makes up a story about having filthy rich twins. One lie leads to another and things start to get out of hand.

Tamilrockers Leaked Coolie No 1 Download Full Movie?

Coolie No 1 was released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime on December 25, 2020. Within hours of its official release, the full movie download of Coolie No 1 was made available on the illegal Tamilrockers website.

People from all over the world can now go to Tamilrockers website to illegally download the full movie. This illegal Coolie No 1 download on Tamilrockers has certainly resulted in major losses for Netflix and also for the creators of the movie.

People are not advised to do Coolie No 1 full movie download from Tamilrockers website as it is the illegal way to watch the movie. You just need to have an active Amazon Prime membership to stream the movie anytime, anywhere. All users are advised to watch Coolie No 1 properly and not download Coolie No 1 movie from illegal Tamilrockers website.


David Dhawan has proven beyond a doubt that it is impossible to template David Dhawan. Lacking sharp writing and editing, Coolie # 1 is just a poor copy of the original. While the jokes land with a thud, we’re left with the songs alone and even there, the OGs clearly win.

For those asking you not to compare the 1995 hit with the 2020 product, my one-sentence answer is that the creators shouldn’t have given us a copy at all. This isn’t a reboot, it feels like a parody, and it’s best not to mess with nostalgia.

We recommend that you watch the movie on Amazon Prime. Don’t do Coolie No 1 full movie download from other piracy websites like Tamilrockers, Filmyzilla, etc.

Disclaimer does not promote or endorse piracy through this or any other website. Piracy is a crime and is considered a serious crime under the Copyright Act of 1957. This article is only intended to inform the public about piracy and encourage them to protect themselves from such acts. We further request that you refrain from participating in or encouraging piracy in any form. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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