Cooku With Comali 2 Grand Finale: Winner & Runner Ups Leaked Check

Cook With Comali 2 Winner: One of the most famous reality shows of 2020-2021 is Cooku With Comalii Season 2, which aired on Star Vijay for an hour over the weekend. This show has a huge fan base from kids to the elderly as it is a major stress buster for audiences on weekends.

The second season of the show “Cooku With Comali 2” has finally come to an end as the Grand Finale will be aired on April 14, 2021 from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm, which is approximately 5:00 pm. Several guests will appear in the finale, including Silambarasan TR (Simbu) on the set that will grace the show. However, the public is so curious about Cooku With Comali 2’s title winner, as all five finalists are the people’s favorites.

Cooku with Comali 2 Grand Finale
Cooku with Comali 2 Grand Finale

“Cooku With Comali 2” Grand Finale Updates

The show Cooku With Comali Season 2 has come to an end now that the grand finale is over and will soon be airing starred Vijay. Comalis and Cooks on social media have shared missing Cook status with Comali sets and people in the sets as the show is over.

The grand finale will be broadcast on TV for over five hours and will have many guests appearing on the screen. Simbu and Vijay Television stars will guest on the cooking show and the show will feature a nail-biting final face-off challenge. Kani, Shakila, Ashwin, Baba Bhasker and Pavithra are the five contestants to compete in the grand finale of Cooku With Comali 2.

Winner ‘Cook With Comali 2’

According to reports, Can I is the winner of the ‘Cooku With Comali 2’ Grand Final. She is one of the most deserving contestants on the show as she is well specialized in cooking skills. She has put in the best performances in all episodes throughout the season that guarantee her victory. Even in the past week, she has celebrated it with her sister.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Runner Up

Talented cook Shakila is the runner-up of the second season of Cooku With Comali. After Kani, she was also the creditable contestant on the show who came back in the wildcard entry after the final elimination. She did a great dish in the finale, finishing second of the season.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ second second place

The heartthrob of the show Cooku With Comali 2 and the recent crush of Tamil Nadu people, Ashwin won second prize. Ashwin is an inspiration to all men and women in the society to cook and he is the budding actor. I wish him the best career and success in the years to come. Recently his album track was out and it hit the public.

‘Cook With Comali 2’ third second place

Baba Bhaskar finished in fourth position. Pavithra was the fifth to be added as the last finalist of ‘Cooku With Comali 2’. However, she was a good participant on the show and wished her the best in her career and upcoming projects.

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