Considering Season 2: Will The Band Boys Anime Renew Or Cancel?

There are so many anime series in the world and right now the craze for anime series is increasing daily. Even anime lovers are growing faster and faster. Are you one of them who likes to watch different anime series on a daily basis?

If yes, then have you heard of Given anime TV series that season 2 is in high demand? Will the anime be renewed or canceled after one season and a movie that is a sequel to the first season.

If so, when will it come out and hit the big screen? Do you already have an idea about the new season? Let’s talk about the band boys of a particular season and know more about season 2.

Seen Season: Over

Seen season 2

Which bandboy is your favorite of all? Love you Ritsuka Uenoyama who is an electric guitarist or other 3 anime characters?

When it first came out in 2019 it was so popular drama which is based on 4 guys romance which is double gay relationship.

Who is your favorite couple from this series? Natsuki Kizu is the writer and illustrator of the Japanese manga on which this anime series is based.

If I talk about the anime story, then the first arc of manga is the story adapted in the anime in which love affair between two characters Ritsuka Uenoyama and Mafuyu Sato (singer) is shown and the story of the other two characters Haruki Nakayama and Akihiko Kaji is shown in the movie, the second part or arc of the manga series.

Now the question remains the same, after completing two manga arcs, will the season be extended for next season? as the source material of manga is already exhausted making his first season and his movie, which is the sequel to the first. So, is there any source material left for the Given season 2.

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Expected plot of given season 2

Seen season 2

What is the story or plot for the given season and what is the expected plot for season 2?

In the first season, the story revolves around the love affair between the two gay couples, one is an electric guitarist and the second is a singer.

It’s the relationship between Ritsuka and Mafuyu, and when Mafuyu sings for the first time, Ritsuka Uenoyama feels good and offers him to join his band as a singer. When he was in the band as a singer and performed their first live performance they had huge success there and meanwhile he also felt for Mafuyu and realized that he is in love with Mafuyu.

The other anime also felt something good for his bandmate and he is Haruki Nakayama who feels for Akihiko Kaji ( drummer of the band group).

But the love of the drummer is Ugetsu Murata, the violinist and his roommate. In season 1, only 1 couple story is focused while other two anime couple story is focused on the sequel which served as movie in 2020.

Now what to expect from the second season, then it is difficult to predict the actual plot, but we just hope that something interesting will happen and that the season will go in a way that you see more bonding between couples and the story will go deep like the previous one.

Seen season 2: release date

Seen season 2

It is the favorite place of the public and viewers who read the blog to know the status of the series. In 2021, there will be no official announcement regarding this particular Season 2 and at this time, it will not be renewed for the next season either and is yet to be extended or canceled in the near future.

Meanwhile, there is still hope that the new episode will come back late 2022 or in the beginning of 2023, but this time source material isn’t enough to make another season, but don’t worry, manga series is underway, which means we’ll have enough material to make another anime TV series in the next few years.

The Original TV Anime Series Came On July 12, 2019 and concluded on September 20, 2019 and in 2020 his movie also came in August.

Given Anime Series Ratings and Reviews

The popularity of this series is still increasing and you can also check this on IMDB. This romantic and music drama series got 8.4 reviews out of 10 have 29 user reviews.

Some user reviews that users wrote on IMDb are- one of the users falls in love with the drawing of this anime series and the other said it was just amazing series.

Is there a trailer for the given season 2?

No, there is no teaser or trailer for season 2 of the Given season, but you can still watch and recall season 1 which is so good to watch and you can watch the movie trailer here.

Last lines

Given anime series is an anime romantic series which shows a double love affair between 4 band boys and till then no season extension has been announced. So you have to wait longer for season 2 and until then stick to goalkeeper facts to read more articles.

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