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Co-creators of the MODOK series on why they chose MODOK and which Marvel cameos were not allowed

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IGN hosted a watch-along for the first two episodes of the Hulu Original Marvel’s MODOK with co-creators Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt, revealing why they chose MODOK as the star of their series, which Marvel cameos they were and were not. . may use, and much more.

During our interview from the MODOK watch-along, Blum explained that the great thing about the Marvel universe is that every character has the potential to be a star, even the most obscure.

“If you went back a few years ago and you thought, ‘Rocket and Groot are going to be two of the most famous superheroes of all time’, I would say, ‘That’s insane !!’ I think it’s that there is so much humanity in these characters is built-in, especially the ones that are bigger than life or crazy like a MODOK or a Groot, ”said Blum.

“That’s the recipe from the Marvel universe,” continued Blum. “It’s a big, crazy science fiction with life-size characters, but they’re so grounded and so relatable, and that’s what we found out with MODOK when we talked about this character. aware that he is not Dr. Doom, and it is driving him crazy. “

This all sounds great, but how do you build a show around him? Blum said the idea of ​​following MODOK when he’s not in a comic book panel convinced them.

“Is he going home to a family? Also great, he has AIM, he has a bad organization. What’s it like to run that? What does it take to keep that thing running? You have employees, you have HR, and you’ve got all these things that make up running an organization, ”said Blum.

“We were like, let’s make a show that’s kind of behind the scenes of that. We never get this guy’s story. We just see him as a foil to these heroes. So for us, it started with asking these questions … and then exploring the bureaucracy of AIM led to all this comedy, “explained Blum.” The idea of, yes you can be this nemesis during the day, but how do you go home and try to maintain a relationship with a family? It was hilarious to us. So it was like keeping MODOK as the MODOK we know and love, but expand its world. “

Another strength of a MODOK-focused story, according to Oswalt, is that while all of these Marvel supervillains had to sacrifice their friends and family to take over the world, MODOK believes he is superior to all of them and can get anything without putting anything on. to sacrifice, which is clearly not true.

Plus, they believe the key to a good villain story is to take on a villain against an even more vile enemy. In the case of MODOK, this is the company. How will MODOK do if he can’t just destroy everything?

Getting approval for Marvel Cameos didn’t go the way MODOK co-creators had planned

Minor spoilers for Marvel’s MODOK ahead!

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MODOK is a Marvel character, which means there is a chance for other Marvel characters to make cameos on the show. When approaching the decision makers at Marvel, Blum and Oswalt decided to ask for the best heroes and villains, even though they thought they couldn’t use them. Using this strategy, they thought they could get characters they really wanted because they weren’t that much in demand.

To their surprise, Marvel gave them everything they asked for, except for three surprising, lesser-known characters.

Marvel’s MODOK


In Marvel's MODOK, the megalomaniacal supervillain MODOK (Patton Oswalt) has long pursued his dream of one day taking over the world. But after years of setbacks and failures in the fight against Earth's most powerful heroes, MODOK has crushed its evil organization AIM. Driven out as AIM's leader, while also dealing with his crumbling marriage and family life, the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing is poised to take on its greatest challenge yet! The series stars Patton Oswalt (MODOK), Melissa Fumero (Melissa), Aimee Garcia (Jodie), Ben Schwartz (Lou), Wendi McLendon-Covey (Monica), Beck Bennett (Austin Van Der Sleet), Jon Daly (Super-Adaptoid) )) and Sam Richardson (Gary). The series will premiere on Hulu on May 21.



“We have all the A-listers we wanted,” said Blum. “There’s a really funny episode that Patton wrote, which is set in the Bar With No Name, and it has a lot of the D-List and deep parts from the Marvel Handbook. We wanted Stilt-Man as the bartender so he Could stilt a bit to get the booze off the top shelf and then come back down, but they were like ‘Stilt-Man is off limits!’ It was like him, Turner D. Century and Paste-Pot Pete. Those were the three you can’t touch! ”

As for future cameos, including all the other supervillains, Oswalt teased that “this season is really about MODOK confronting his ‘I would never BLANK’ and then having to adjust those limits. Let’s leave it at that.”

For more information on MODOK, check out our review of the show’s first season, available now on Hulu.

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