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Class of 83: Netflix Movie Review with Indepth analysis!!

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Class of 83: Netflix Movie Review with Indepth analysis!!

Rating: 3.0 stars/5

In-depth Analysis

Our overall rating is not an average of the sub scores below.

Direction:  3.0/5
Dialogues:  2.5/5
Music:        3.5./5
Visual appeal:  3.0/5

Class of 83 Film: Cast

  • Bobby Deol as Dean Vijay Singh.
  • Anup Soni.
  • Joy Sengupta.
  • Vishwajeet Pradhan.
  • Bhupendra Jadawat.

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Class of 83 Film: Storyline

Bobby plays Dean Vijay Singh who decides to put together a secret squad of officers who will have the freedom to conduct encounters of criminals and gangsters without any restrictions.

Class of 83 :Review

In Hindi cinema, so many films have been made on the nexus of Police, politics, and gangsters that now there is not much left to redeem.

Mumbai’s underworld and gang-wise viewers have seen on screen so many times that nothing new seems to happen. This is the biggest problem of the class of 83 directed by Atul Sabharwal, but it is also the helplessness of this film.

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Bobby Deol plays an IPS officer named Vijay Singh, who is sent as dean of the Police Academy as a Punishment. 

There is nothing new in the story of the Class of 83 except for the track by Dean Vijay Singh. The biggest drawback of the Class of 83 can be called this. However, this deficiency is compensated by the film’s cast, who has played the roles of the five police officers. In the academy, from the recruits to the encounters, the transformation of the police officers was successfully performed by these artists. Despite being a stereotypical story, the film does not bore.

 Bobby’s commitment to getting his career on track comes out well through the role of Dean Vijay Singh. At various points in the film, Bobby Deol’s character, a veteran cop named Vijay Singh, speaks about the pillars of democracy — the government, the judiciary, and law enforcement — in biological terms. In one scene, he compares them to impenetrable fortresses.

Watch or not??

It Is a Must-Watch Movie

It’s been a while we have seen Bobby Deol in the satisfying role, this is the perfect comeback. The “80s” was a fascinating time in the history of Mumbai and with this film, you feel that era & relive. 

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