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Disney live action movies, the phrase makes fans cringe. Disney live action movies? No thank you. They don’t even do anything interesting, especially when trying to recreate their animated movies. But are Disney live action movies really as bad as people say? Aren’t there any hidden gems out there waiting to be seen? Because they can’t all be bad, right?

Turn right! This means it’s time to dive into some of Disney’s surprisingly good live action movies, many of which you can watch on Disney +. When you’re ready to dive in, get ready to relive some serious childhood nostalgia, because these are the Disney live action movies that will make you say, “Huh, that’s some pretty deception.”

The Jungle Book (2016)

Jon Favreau (Iron Man) directs this live-action version of the 1967 film, The Jungle BookOf all the Disney live action movies based on their animated properties, The Jungle Book remains the gold standard. The cast? Very well. The CGI? Excellent. The story? A + work, folks. It owns 94% Rotten tomatoes and is usually the exception in belittling Disney live action movies.

Especially because The Jungle Book balances respect for the source material while pushing the boundaries of what we saw in the original film. It’s a good balance. Better than a shot for a shot remake, you know? It turned out to be popular enough that there was a sequel for it The Jungle Book is currently under development. But with COVID & Favreau’s busy schedule, we don’t know when that will happen.

Enchanted (2007)

This beloved live-action Disney movie is a satire of Disney movies. An animated princess (Amy Adams) ends up in the real NYC to learn some lessons and bring some magic to a single father raising his young daughter. Enchanted has grown into a huge fan base, who fondly remembers the film. More important, Enchanted brought Amy Adams to the A list in a big way.

A sequel to the movie, Disillusioned, is currently in the works for Disney +. It’ll see the cast of the original movie return, which, considering it’s been about 15 years since the movie premiered? Clearly means it’s time to seriously count on nostalgia. We are so for it.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Basically what we’re saying is that maybe we should avoid making live-action versions of the Disney Princess movies. Instead, we should put all of our energy into making live-action Disney movies from, for lack of a better term, lesser-known Disney movies. The 2016 remake of Pete’s Dragon is quite amazing. The appearance of the dragon is great. The human characters actually To do stuff.

It will also destroy you emotionally, but what is life without a little emotional devastation. It’s good for the constitution. Anyway, Pete’s Dragon and The Jungle Book prove that maybe we should make live-action Disney movies on Treasure planet or Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Wow. A Atlantis movie would be great, right?

Crazy Friday

We don’t give a year for this, because actually not Crazy Friday remake is good for several reasons. So pick one and dive in, because this classic tale of a mother and daughter swapping bodies for the day and gaining new appreciation for each one is great in our book. But for nostalgic reasons, we’ll be giving the 2003 release edge with Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis.

But the original also features baby Jodie Foster. So really make your choice here. You will not be disappointed. We certainly are not. There was also a DCOM remake in 2018, which we’re sure was just as good. Although we can admit we didn’t look at that. But three is enough to watch for a day Crazy Friday if that’s just something you want to bring into the world.

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