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Anyone who has seen at least one Fast and furious movie knows that family is what the franchise is all about, under the car races and the robberies and the macho attitude and Tyrese’s awful jokes. And in a very meta way, the franchise has developed its own family, with a growing cast and spin-off series. However, the newest addition to the fam has been about a year late.

The new Fast and furious The movie was supposed to be out last year, but (now everyone together) its release was delayed due to COVID-19. Like most of the delayed 2020 blockbusters, the latest episode of “The Fast Saga” appears to have settled on an opening date for 2021. The ninth Fast and furious film – aptly titled F9 – will hit theaters on June 25. So far, let’s do a quick recap of the series!

The Fast and the Furious

There is absolutely no way that writer Gary Scott Thompson and director Rob Cohen even had any inkling of what their video about illegal racing would eventually turn out to be. The first Fast and furious film seems rather strange compared to the scandalousness of the last chapters in the series, but the basic elements are still there: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, scantily clad women and hot cars.

The Fast and the Furious currently streaming on HBO Max.

2 Fast 2 Furious

You have to give it to the Fast and furious franchise: they are committed to ridiculous movie titles from the first sequel. You soon feel the series discover that the best way to avoid jumping over the shark is to always hover over the shark. No Vin Diesel in this one, but we’ve met future mainstays of the franchise like Ludacris and the aforementioned Tyrese.

2 Fast 2 Furious currently streaming on HBO Max.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

There was a brief, strange period when actors didn’t take the chance to be in a Fast and furious movie. When producers were unable to secure the returns of any of the original franchise members, they introduced Lucas Black as the new protagonist and set his adventures in Japan. The result is a fun movie that some people hate because it has little connection to the Fast verse.

Tokyo Drift currently streaming on AMC.

Fast & Furious

Paul Walker & Vin Diesel saw the light and returned to the franchise they would call home from then on. Just like Michelle Rodriguez & Jordana Bewster, fourth Fast & Furious film felt a bit like a return to the original formula from the first film, while also feeling like a renaissance that could take the franchise in a different direction. The next sequel would certainly deliver on that promise.

Fast & Furious currently streaming on AMC.

Fast five

This is where the franchise (ahum) kicked into a higher gear. It’s not only the addition of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the cast, but also the fact that this is the first Fast and furious film to fully and cheerfully embrace the impossibility of his stunts. Anytime you give someone the option of one Fast and furious movie in space, thank you Fast five for planting those seeds.

Fast five is available as a streaming rental on most platforms.

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Fast & Furious 6

This is the one where the Fast and furious crew takes on their lookalikes – so you can see where the franchise was already, as far as silliness is concerned. In the meantime, the films have almost completely abandoned street racing as a gimmick and have fully devoted themselves to the genres espionage & adventure. The shift gave the franchise wider appeal and made it even more successful.

Fast & Furious 6 is currently streaming on Peacock.

Furious 7

If you are a purist this is your last Fast and furious film before jumping off this crazy roller coaster. Tragedy struck the franchise when Paul Walker died in a real-life car accident shortly before the seventh film’s production ended. The filmmakers were able to convincingly write Walker’s character out of the franchise, but his happy ending is bittersweet at best as we all know what happened in the real world.

Furious 7 is available as a streaming rental on most platforms.

Fate of the Furious

The show – and the racing – must go on. The franchise lost to Paul Walker, but by then it also had Kurt Russell as its ally Fast and furious crew, as well as Jason Statham, Luke Evans, and, in this episode, Charlize Theron as enemies. Into the plot Fate of the Furious is about Vin Diesel who is forced to turn on his teammates. Fast shenanigans to follow.

Fate of the Furious is currently streaming on FXNOW.

Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw

The Rock & Jason Statham reportedly got their own buddy flick spin-off because Vin Diesel didn’t want to work with good old Dwayne anymore – and the Fast and furious producers did not want to lose such a valuable asset to the franchise. The film is as over the top and ridiculous as you’d expect at this point in the franchise, and Idris Elba plays a villain equipped with a powerful exoskeleton. What else do you need?

Hobbs & Shaw currently streaming on HBO Max.


There is a three and a half minute trailer on the F9 website that features many famous faces returning to the franchise, along with newcomers John Cena (who plays Vin Diesel’s bad brother) and Helen Mirren (who plays … some kind of villain?). But no pictures of the space. Not yet anyway.

Which is your favorite Fast and furious movie? Have you seen them all? Let us know in the comments!

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