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Check Cinemapreneur For Best Releases : New Competition For Amazon Prime & Netflix

Watch and Download Movies Online
Cinemapreneur : New Competition For Amazon Prime & Netflix
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

You may be using services like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hotstar, but a new platform has also come up to compete with them. Its name is Cinemapreneur.

At a film bazaar, if 300 films come, 15 get a theatrical release, 10 go to Netflix, five to Amazon, so what happens to the rest?

The idea is to celebrate festivals as soon as they end by bringing some of those films to those who can’t go there,” says Gaurav Raturi, 35, who, along with Rupinder Kaur, 35, founded the OTT platform. Raturi’s Filmbooth used to organize shorts and docu festivals in Delhi from 2008-12.

With Cinemapreneur, independent filmmakers have the option to release their films virtually without having to wait for festivals or splurge on renting theaters.


  • Filmmakers will be able to show their films through the website
  • They will also get some part of the revenue from ticket sales.
  • Digital mediums like ‘Amazon Prime Video’ and ‘Netflix’ will get a tough competition.
  • New filmmakers will no longer have to rely on mainstream OTT platforms to showcase their films.

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Cinemapreneur is a space exclusively for independent films with a transparent monetization cycle. When users pay for a film, they support filmmakers directly as they have more than 50% of the revenue share.

Watch and Download Movies Online


“The website will show regional films that have been awarded at film festivals held abroad for a very nominal fee,” he said. Which is getting a better response from the audience”.

We believe that by the end of the year we will be taking the total number of films to 300. “

 Ratudi said, “Our app will be introduced in the market within six months. It will also feature documentaries made in Indian languages ​​and published abroad which Indian audiences cannot see. “

Cinemapreneur, a new OTT platform, is solely dedicated to Indian films

According to him, some popular regional language films and documentaries shown on this platform include the documentary ‘Beauty of Life’, Marathi film ‘Kondan’, Bangla film ‘Janhvi’, Girish Karsavali’s biography ‘Life in Metaphor’, on the acid attack. 

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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