Change shipping address on eBay after purchase

Change shipping address on eBay after purchase |

In this post, I’ll show you how to change the shipping address on eBay after purchase. eBay is a very popular ecommerce website in the US. There you can buy all kinds of things, ranging from electronics, clothing, cars, collectibles and more.

In many cases, there are scenarios where the eBay buyer wants to ship to a different address and they are looking for how to change the shipping address on eBay after purchase. Earlier today, we received a query from one of our readers asking eBay to change the shipping method after payment.

We contacted eBay customer service with questions and came to this information below;

How to change the shipping address on eBay

Based on the information we received from the eBay counter, you cannot edit or change your shipping address after you place the order. According to them, you should make all necessary changes to your shipping address before placing an order.

eBay gives its users the option to have up to two different shipping addresses. One is the primary shipping address, respectively, and the other is the secondary shipping address, respectively.

Follow the instructions below to change your eBay shipping address before making a purchase;

Step 1: Log in to your eBay account

Step 2: Click Update Shipping Addresses

Step 3: click on change address link next to it to edit the address.

Step 4: Enter the address and select Ship to this address to save your changes.

Step 5: Click on the “Add a new address” to add a new secondary shipping address.

How eBay Shipping Address Works

The eBay shipping address is where you want your purchased items delivered. Your primary shipping address is the default shipping address used when placing an order. Therefore, this should be the address you will use to receive most things you buy from eBay.

Interestingly, you can quickly change your eBay shipping address before checkout. During the checkout process, eBay boldly displays a “Change adress” link to help you make a choice if you want shipments to an alternative address; such as an office or a garden house.

To do this, select a country, enter your name, phone number, email address and click Add new address to finish adding your new secondary address.

Change shipping address on eBay after purchase

In summary, eBay’s Change of Address Policy allows users to change their shipping address prior to checkout. At this time, you cannot change your eBay shipping address after payment.

To use your secondary shipping address to receive your items, you must “Set priority” next to one of your secondary shipping addresses.

If you really need the item purchased at a different address, you must also receive the item at the address provided in the eBay account and resend it to a new address. I think this makes sense.

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