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Champions League 2020/2021 Results, Upcoming Matches & Watch Online in USA, UK & Australia

Watch and Download Movies Online
Watch and Download Movies Online

Watch and Download Movies Online

Kylian Mbappé’s PSG against Barcelona.

Photo by LLUIS GENE / AFP via Getty Images

It’s Champions League time, folks. The first matches of the knockout phase have already been completed and there are many more to come. Barcelona against PSG was already going down and it was a massacre of people. Mbappé scored his second hat-trick in the Champions League!

Here’s everything you need to know …


RB Leipzig – 0
Liverpool – 2 (Mo Salah 53 ‘; Sadio Mane 58’)

Barcelona – 1 (Messi 27 ‘(P))
PSG – 4 (Mbappe 32 ‘, 65’, 85 ‘; Moise Keane 70’)

Upcoming competitions

Round of 16: Leg 1

Seville vs. Borussia Dortmund – 3:00 pm EST, Feb. 17.

Porto vs. Juventus – 3:00 pm EST, Feb. 17.

Athletico Madrid vs. Chelsea – 3:00 pm EST, February 23.

Lazio vs. Bayern Munich – 3:00 pm EST, February 23.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Atalanta vs. Real Madrid – 3:00 pm EST, February 24.

Borussia Mönchengladbach vs. Man City – 3:00 PM EST, Feb. 24.

How to watch


It is best to register with CBS All Access

Full details of CBS ‘online coverage of Champions League matches can be found hereCBS All Access not only has access to this competition in particular, but all Champions League matches. You can also watch all matches in the Europa League, the second European competition.

Univision however has the rights to the US broadcast of the Champions League. You can find out more here


If you want to watch Champions League football in the UK, we recommend that you sign up BT Sport

BT Sport streams all Champions League matches, but it also gives you access to a ton of other good stuff like UFC, so it’s worth buying.


Like the English Premier League, Optus Sport shows all Champions League matches in Australia.

If you want to watch football at all, the Optus Sport deal is a great deal. Especially if you follow the EPL, which is what most football fans do, the most high-profile league in the world.

Disclaimer: I subscribe to the service and love it. Easy access to all matches on my smart TV and works fine with a mobile app.

Watch and Download Movies Online