Causes and available treatments for wrinkles

One of the most common signs of aging, wrinkle refers to ridges and folds in the skin that are usually caused by a variety of factors. In order to prevent this condition, it is necessary for people to know the usual causes. In addition, it is also beneficial for them to understand the two types of skin wrinkles. Above all, people need to know about the right treatments for wrinkles.

Causes of this condition

Many beauty-conscious people are afraid of wrinkles. However, to their dismay, they will discover that these occur as a result of human aging processes. Apart from this, another good cause of getting wrinkles is staying in the water for a long time. Other important factors that can really affect the occurrence of this condition are insufficient hydration, sun damage and smoking.

Two types of wrinkles

Wrinkles have two types namely aging wrinkle and plum finger. In order to properly treat this condition, it is essential for individuals to know the differences between these two types. First are age wrinkles that are often caused by regular facial expressions. The first type is easy to treat as there are many anti-wrinkle creams on the market today. However, the second type, plum fingers, is caused by prolonged stay in water. In this case, there are no treatments available for prune fingers, as these skin conditions are only temporary.

Available and effective treatments for aging wrinkles

Basically there are three common, available and effective treatments for age wrinkles. The first treatment is the efficient and correct use of tretinoin. This treatment has the ability to stimulate epithelial cell mitosis, which is very important in getting rid of this medical condition. The second treatment anyone can use is botulinum toxin. This is a type of protein commonly used in many cosmetics and medications that are also helpful in treating other medical conditions such as cervical dystonia and migraines. Finally, restylane is the most effective treatment that people with wrinkle problems can use. To make sure they use restylane efficiently it is best to use the unique injection method known as Fern Pattern Technique.

With the use of these available and effective treatments, problems that people experience in connection with the development of age wrinkles are reduced. As a reminder of those eager to treat this condition, it is important that they seek the views of medical professionals or dermatologists on its efficacy, as well as possible side effects of treatment options they are considering.

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