Storming $40,000: Bitcoin’s Unstoppable Ascent

BTC rages on, $40,000 may not be hopium after all Bitcoin (BTC) price is trading with a bullish bias on Friday, bringing with it the broader market except for Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) prices. Both ecosystems choose to pursue stories on their own respective paths. For ETH, the spot Ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETF) story … Read more

Unleashing the Potential: Can RPL Rocket to $40?

Rocket Pool Price Prediction: RPL Surges Forming Big Green Candle. Will it Reach $40? Since the broader cryptocurrency market has been growing, other altcoins like Rocket Pool have been flourishing in green candles. This has made both old and new investors happy as they are now benefiting from the market. Surprisingly, even the SEC which … Read more

The Impenetrable Barrier Preventing DOGE from Reaching $0.100

This supply barrier stands between DOGE and its $0.100 target objective Dogecoin price is on the rise for a move towards the $0.100 target, around 30% above current levels. While there are enough bullish fundamentals to drive DOGE, the supply barrier between $0.076 and $0.080 remains an obstacle. A break and close above $0.078 would … Read more

The Spectacular Rise of LUNA: Layer 1 Tokens Soar 70%

Terra Luna price spiked 85% to test the $0.878 resistance level, reaching the level last tested in June. Since LUNA is overbought, it could fall 10% to test the USD 0.742 support level unless it breaks and closes above USD 0.878. The bearish position will be invalidated if the altcoin breaks and closes above $0.878, … Read more

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