Gotham Knights Review: The Downgrade to Superhero Games

Many were waiting for Gotham Knights Review as the game was about to come out. The game was in a weird place; on the one hand, we let the studio behind Arkham Origins work on it, but on the other hand, players kept their expectations low. Many fell in the middle of it and hoped … Read more

Apex Legends Season 15: New Legends and Notable Features

The battle royale game Apex Legends has been going strong for a few years now and since it releases a new season once every three months, we’re launching headfirst into a whole new season. Apex Legends Season 15 is expected to be a huge hit with all the new updates in sight, and it will … Read more

Download Minecraft Bedrock Beta

Minecraft Bedrock Beta is the latest beta and preview version released by Mojang with a brand new set of bug fixes and changes. These smaller beta versions are of great importance as they help improve the gameplay experience of the sandbox title. This particular beta preview version brought a lot of changes to the … Read more

Winter Games 2023 Review – All Downhill From Here (PS5)

The first race I entered while playing Winter Games 2023, was a race that involved a shooting gallery and uphill skiing. This race turned out to be quite prophetic in terms of my overall thoughts on the game as the whole thing feels like a steep uphill battle. By the time you get to the … Read more

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