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Have you ever come up with a show that can cover sensitive topics like crime with a spicy twist of comedy sauce in the recipe? Well, chances are you’ve seen a few. But how many times have you seen one that is good and very entertaining? Like it Carter season 3.

It’s so hard to incorporate both genres into the right genre to present the perfect dish that just lightens the mood and gets the adrenaline pumping.

We know TV shows are a bit down as they face direct competition from the OTT platforms, but hey! You don’t have to worry about competition if your content is competitive and has the potential to grab the audience’s attention with the light-hearted story that can lighten the mood in an instant.

About Carter

In a world full of crime TV shows that make extensive use of gory, gross, disturbing imagery of carnage and police leading to gunshots and horrific mayhem that you didn’t even need for entertainment purposes, you can look up to this great TV show called Carter, that’s definitely a blast of fresh natural air if you’re struggling to breathe.

With Garry Campbell as producer, the great Canadian show Carter is a Canadian crime comedy drama series. Bravo, now renamed CTV Channel, began broadcasting Carter on May 15, 2018. Since then, the show has released 2 very well-received seasons and audiences are eager to follow Carter season 3.

For season 2, we saw Lyriq Bent cast as acting police chief, while Joyce Boyle took the seat of producer and Andy Berman became executive producer. The series was filmed in North Bay, Ontario in 2017 and produced by Amaze Film and Entertainment.

The program was revived in January 2019 by WGN America in the United States for a second season. The second season debuted in Canada on October 25, 2019, followed by a debut on January 20, 2020 on WGN America.

The Plot of Carter Season 1

Carter Season 3: Release Date |  Story
Carter was an instant favorite for everyone who watched it.

The story follows Harley Carter, a Canadian-born star of a popular American detective television program “Call Carter”. Please note! He is hugely popular. One time, he gets a pretty humiliating meltdown on a red carpet. Subsequently, Harley Carter, the hero of a famous crime drama, returns to his peaceful hometown of Bishop to relax and reflect on his decisions.

However, things take an odd turn as his peers and neighbors don’t seem to notice the difference between his real and on-screen personas and continue to pester him to solve real cases. So the actor has to live his reel life in his real life as well.

It’s just so interesting to even understand someone is navigating the situation. The good things that keep the viewers enthralled are the challenges and the crimes that our pseudo-detective solves in reality.

In Season 1, Harley solves his mother’s murder and accepts that he is no longer just a TV detective. With his best friends Dave Leigh (Kristian Bruun) and no-nonsense cop Sam Shaw (Sydney Poitier Heartsong) by his side, Harley is faced with an all-new set of quirky mysteries.

The Stellar Cast of Carter Season 3

The titular character is played by Jerry O’Connell. Sydney Tamiia Poitier plays Sam Shaw, Carter’s childhood friend and cop. Sam is a smart cop who has a tendency to shoot criminals in the legs. She’s a great detective who enjoys berating her old friend Harley whenever she gets the chance. Streetwise coffee truck owner Dave Leigh is played by Kristian Bruun. Dave is a laid back guy.

He is well acquainted with Bishop, and his shady aspects. Vijay Gill, a Junior Agent, is played by Varun Saranga, Brenda Kamino plays Dot Yasuda and Matt Baram plays the role of Evidence Tech Wes Holm; among other key roles. Many of the main characters will reprise their former roles in Season 3.

You can always expect new cast additions to tie in with the storyline.

Why should you watch Carter?

Carter's main characters in a car.
A still from Carter season 2.

The show was a huge success and has been broadcast all over the world on different channels and in different countries and languages. Carter was WGN’s most-watched original series in 2018 when it premiered.

In Europe it appeared on AXN, with a cumulative viewership of 6.5 million in 2018. Bravo became the number one special channel in its timeslot in 2018 since its release in Canada.

Now viewers around the world can stream Carter’s spectacular piece of entertainment on Amazon prime video.

Carter Season 3 Release Date?

Carter Season 3 Official Poster
Carter Season 3 official poster

According to various media, the police procedure “Carter”, starring Jerry O’Connell, will not be renewed for a third season.

However, no network, including CTV and WGN, has stated that it has been formally cancelled.

In difficult pandemic times, it is unpredictable to film or release the new season.


The storyline may seem cliché, but what sets it apart from other shows is the versatility it shows through the character and plot development.

The show talks easily about friendship, reel vs true paradox, kindness, home and the world of serious crime with a healthy touch of comedy.

So let us know what you think of the show and the upcoming season in the commons section.

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